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The Grand Mosque in Tongxin

Situated in the western suburbs of Tongxin County, 214 km from Yinchuan, the mosque is a key relic of the country protected by the state.


One of the existing mosques with the longest history and the largest premises, it was first built in the early period of Ming, and was renovated during the period of the reign of Emperor Dezong of Qing. Stone carved boards with inscriptions were inlaid around the gate of the mosque during the periods of the reign of Emperor Shengzong of Ming and the reign of Emperor Gaozong of Qing respectively. In 1936, the first revolutionary government of the Hui minority ethnic group, the Yuhai County Hu i Autonomous Government of Shaanxi, Gansu and Ning Xia provinces, was founded. And revolutionary cultural relics were also left over. The construction was built with a combined style of the traditional Chinese timber building arts and the Islamic woodcut and brick carving decorative art as a whole unit, splendid, magnificent and delicate and steady. The facade of the building is five-room wide, and it is nine-room deep. In the front of the service hall on the right side, there sits the "Awaking Building", a pavilion style construction with double eaves and curb roofing.

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