Chinese Cuisine and Snacks
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Chinese Cuisine and Chinese Snacks

China is an ancient country with a long-standing history and beautiful natural scenery. With its 5,000 years of civilization and wide variety of ethnic groups and customs, it is rich in cuisine culture. Chinese culinary culture forms an integral part of the social system dating back to as early as the Xia Dynasty (traditionally dated 2205-1766 B.C.). After several thousands years' development and improvement, Chinese cuisine has become a special part of the world's food civilization.
Introduction and Message

  • Introduction

    Local Cuisine

  • Shandong Cuisine
  • Sichuan Cuisine
  • Jiangsu Cuisine
  • Guangdong Cuisine
  • Zhejiang Cuisine
  • Hunan Cuisine
  • Anhui Cuisine
  • Beijing Cuisine
  • Fujian Cuisine
  • Shanghai Cuisine
  • Hubei Cuisine
  • Henan Cuisine
  • Gansu Cuisine
  • Shaanxi Cuisine
  • Guizhou Cuisine
  • Jilin Cuisine
  • Heilongjiang Cuisine
  • Liaoning Cuisine
  • Hainan Cuisine

    Dishes in the Style of the Ancients

  • Imperial Dishes, Dishes of the Confucius Mansion, Tan Family DIshes, Imitated
    Tang-Dynasty-Style Dishes, Imitated
    "Dream of Red Mansions" Dishes.......
    ......Click for details !

  • Local Snacks

  • Jiangsu Snacks
  • Beijing Snacks
  • Guangzhou Snacks
  • Chengdu Snacks
  • Tianjin Snacks
  • Yunnan Snacks
  • Quanzhou Snacks
  • Jinan Snacks
  • Hubei Snacks
  • Yimeng Snacks
  • Gansu Snacks
  • Qinghai Snacks
  • Shaanxi Snacks
  • Shanxi Snacks

    Special Dishes of Ethnic Minorities

  • Special Dishes , Vegetarian Dishes , Isiamic Dishes..........Click for details !

    Delicacy Festivals and Celebrations

  • The Inauguration Ceremony of the Zhejiang Activity, Culinary Kingdom-China 2003....
    ......Click for details !

    Recommended Delicacy Tourist Routes

  • Tourists taking this route may visit beautiful, tall and straight Jinshan Hill, tree-covered Jiaoshan Hill in the middle of Yangtze River............. Click for details !

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