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The Shahu Lake Area


The Lake Shahu tourism area is located 56 km northwest of Yinchuan City, where is a famous scenic spot combining the landscape of water and mountain of South China and the scenery of the vast sand land in North China. In1990, the construction of the area was launched. For its unique natural landscape, it has been selected as one of the 35 most beautiful scenic spots across the country. In 2001, it was honored as the scenic spot of AAAA class by CNTA. The Lake Shahu boasts sand in the south and water in the north. The place is the haven of birds and the world of fish, and the entertainment garden of tourists. The surface of the boundless lake looks just like a vast piece of silver colored brocade. In the early summer, newly growing reeds are exuberant like high bamboos, forming up a branching stream, or like a street, or a canopy, or a screen. In the soft wind, they sway gently to present a graceful look.

The lake is abundant in the products of fish and birds. Tourists can watch all kinds of birds playing at a distance on the tower of watching birds. The lake is thickly inhabited by tens of thousands of birds such as white cranes, black storks and swans. In every spring, eggs of various colors are strewn everywhere, a wonderful scene in nature.


The fish and birds of the lake are the two links of the natural paragenesis chain. Small fish is the food of birds while the wastes of birds are the food for fish. And the rich roots of reeds and water grass and plankton are common food for fish and birds. A dozen species of fish are breeding in the lake, such as common carps, silver carps, and variegated carps, grass carps in addition to those rarely seen before in the north such as Wuchang fish, giant salamanders, and giant soft-shelled turtles.

With the affluent produce of fish, the restaurants around the lake specially offer the fish banquet. An instantly captured variegated carp of about 15 kg can be offered for guests. It is skillfully cooked and tastes good. If tourists are interested in fishing by themselves, they can do it freely.

A vast desert covering an area of 30000 mu of land lies in the south of the lake. It seems like a naturally made company of the lake. They rely on each other and contrast finely with each other when the blue water of the lake undulates, and the golden waves ripple across the desert. Tourist boats and motorboats are provided and tourists can swim in the lake. Camels are also provided for tourists to ride in the desert or to go sightseeing by cable cars. Yurts are provided for tourists to stay. And the charge is very low.

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