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Ning is the abbreviation for Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, one of the five autonomous regions of minority ethnic groups in China. It situated in the eastern part of northwestern China. Shanxi Province lies to its east, a Gansu Province to its south, and Inner Mongolia is adjoining it in the north. The region covers 800 square km. Its topography is mainly co, posed of mountains and highlands, making about three fourths of the total area of the region Plains constitute about one quarter of the tot The region is about 1100 -1200 meters above sea level.


It boasts coal, petroleum, electric power, chemical, electronics, machinery, building materials, textile, Muslin foodstuffs, and sugar production industries. Ningxia is endowed w the natural water resource of the Yellow River and has always been known as "Yellow Rig makes an affluent Ningxia." The river runs a distance of 397 km through Ningxia, irrigating more than 300,000 hectares of farmland. So Ningxia is rich in energy sources. Coal and hydropower are its advantageous energy sources. Its main produce is wheat and rice. And its cash crops include beet, the fruit of Chinese wolfberry, flax and fruits. Its animal husbandry industry is booming involving all kinds of stock such as cattle, sheep, horse, mule, and camel. Its sheepskin of a special species of sheep is worldwide known.

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