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Special Tours

Ice and Snow Tour


The Hulunbuir League has a mean temperature of degrees below zero for seven months. The lowest yearly temperature can reach -48 degrees Celsius. From November every year to the next mid-March, Hulunbuir grassland is always covered with snow and ice, presenting a wonderful world dotted with snow and ice modeled patterns. There, tourists can admire the landscape of the north, while skiing, skating, hunting or making ice sculptures.

Special Sports Tour

The boundless grassland, the vast stretch of desert, and readily provided traffic offer rich resources and conditions for sports tour. So far, this kind of special sports tour programs include horse riding, bicycle riding, and motorcycling and auto driving.

Tour Archaeology


Inner Mongolia was the origin of minority ethnic groups of North China in ancient times. It has a long history. In the region, there are so many cultural relics, cliff-side paintings and calligraphy, ancient cities and city ruins, ancient Great Wall, temples, and lamaseries. The important ones include New Stone Age culture represented by the "Hongshan Culture," and the Liao Culture represented by "Liao Shangjing (Upper capital), and Liao Zhongjing (Central Capital)" culture, and the Western Xia Culture represented by Heicheng Ruins. All these make up its rich archaeological resources.

Nomadic Tour


The vast and affluent grassland has brought up the industrious and brave Mongolians. Mainly supported by animal husbandry, they have long been settled on grassland along waterways. Since ancient times, Mongolians have been known as an "ethnic group on horseback", because they live in yurts and move by lele carts. Roaming about freely on grassland on horseback, tourists can feel the wideness of grassland, and the beauty of its landscape. At night, you may sleep on grassland and you will get a new experience. And then, you can learn how to make milk products, herd sheep, and erect a yurt so as to experience the joys of a nomadic ethnic group's life on grassland.

Adventure Tour in Desert

From west to east, many famous deserts such as Badan Jilin, TenggeLi, Ulanbuh and Maowusu and Hunshandak deserts are distributed in the region, and many of them are dotted with wild wasteland, oasis, and lakes, giving different beautiful sceneries. In addition, since a number of world's famous historical sites of our ancestors together with many interesting legends have been left over to the present time, all these deserts are bearing a luster of appeal and mystery.

Hot Spring for Convalescence

The region boasts rich hot springs. Of them, the most famous include the Arxan Hot Springs, and Hexigten League Hot Springs. These hot springs contain various trace elements, which can treat various diseases with curable efficiency. Moreover, landscape around these hot springs is also beautiful and with amenity environment, they provide ideal convalescent homes.

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