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The region has been the habitation of many ethnic groups of North China in ancient time, and the number of minority ethnic groups living there is more than 10. During the 12th century, the Mongol ethnic group rose up, and Genghis Khan unified various tribes on the Mongolian plateau, and founded the nomadic noble state. During the second half of the 15th century, Dayen Khan, posterity of Genghis Khan, again controlled the reign of the south and north of the vast desert.

His grandson Alatan, Khan of Tumd tribe controlled the whole western part of Inner Mongolia and established a close political and economic tie with the Ming Dynasty. During the Qing period, the region had established a closer relationship with the hinterland of China. Over the past 100 years, various ethnic groups in the region have actively taken part in the revolutionary movement, and under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, they have taken on a right course of regional autonomy of ethnic groups.

On May 1 in 1947, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was established, bringing a close to the separated rule and disputes among nationalities seen in the past several hundred years.

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