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Yulin City
Lying in the northern most tip of Shaanxi Province, the city of Yulin extends for 7,053 square kilomters in area. It has a long history and a well-developed culture. The wellknown Hetao Man was named after the paleoanthropological finds at Xiaoheqiao in Jingbian County. Ruins of the Yangshao and Longshan cultures are scattered along the Wading River. The long-standing history of Yulin has left it with unique tourist resources outside the Great Wall. The principal cultural relics and historical sites include the Zhenbei Beacon Tower, Tongwan City, the Temporary Palace of Li Zicheng, the Tomb of Fu Su, and the Wanfo (Ten-Thousand-Buddha) Cave.

The Hongshi Gorge-Zhenbei Beacon Tower Scenic Area
The Temporary Palace of Li Zicheng Located in the northern suburbs of Yulin, the scenic area consists of the Zhenbei Beacon Tower, South Gorge, North Gorge, psammophytes, and desert meadows. The scenic area is known for its beauty, wonderfulness, vastness, and seclusion. Hongshi Gorge is to be found in the center of the scenic area, where steep cliffs rise one after another on both sides, while the Yuxi River flows swiftly through the gorge. Hongshi Gorge features more than 200 inscriptions, caves and temples.

The Temporary Palace of Li Zicheng
Built on Panlong Mountain north of the Mizhi County seat, the palace is an expansion of the Temple of the God of the Northern Sky. A flight of 90 stone steps that leads to the top is flanked by ancient structures. The Qixiang Hall and the Zhaoqing Palace in the shape of two coiling dragons are built on a terrace on the top of Panlong Mountain.

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