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Chifeng Tourist Area


Chifeng City, situated in the eastern part of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region and bordering on Hebei Province, is one of the important birthplaces of China's ancient northern minority ethnic groups. The well-known "Hongshan Culture" and "Liao Culture" originated in the region, providing the region with rich historical, cultural and folkway resources. Chifeng is also rich in natural resources of tourism, including grasslands, lakes, forests, mountains, deserts, glacier remains and hot springs. The major scenic attractions include Darning Pagoda of the Liao Dynasty (916-1125), ruins of the Liao Shangjing (the earliest capital of the Liao Dynasty) and Liao Zhongjing (the last capital of the Liao Dynasty), primitive forest on the Huanggang Ridge, Yulong Sandy Lake Scenic Spot, Bayan Tala Grassland Scenic Spot, Hongshan Culture,etc.

Darning Pagoda

Built in 1035, the Darning Pagoda is located outside the ruins of the Liao Zhongjing. It was built on a rammed earthen platform, and is a 13storey octagonal solid brick pagoda with close packed eaves. It is 74 meters high. It is the largest one of the preserved pagodas of the Liao Dynasty, and now is protected by the state.

Dali Nur Nature Reserve


Located on the Gongga Grassland 50 km west to the Jingpeng Town where the government of Hexigten Banner, Chifeng City, is located. The reserve boasts 134 species of birds of which 23 including red-crowned crane, giant swan and great bustard are as key species under state protection. Within the reserve, there are 22 lakes of varying sizes. Among them the largest is Dali Lake, which, looking like a hippo, is a pearl inlaid in the green prairie. In addition to abundant natural resources, the reserve is also rich in historical and cultural resources, including the ruins of the capital of Lu Kingdom built in 1271. The magnificent border wall of Genghis Khan during the Yuan Dynasty (12711368) runs through the reserve. The eco-touring and folkway tour in the reserve has attracted a growing number of tourists.

Hexigten Hot Spring and Huanggang Ridge Scenic Zone


Located in the northeastern part of Hexigten Banner, Chifeng City, the scenic zone is 30 km away from Jingpeng town where the banner government is located and 220 km away from Chifeng City. No. 303 national highway and Jining-Tongliao Railway run across the town, providing easy transportation. It is a tourist resort integrating recuperation, vacationing and sightseeing. Reshuitang Hot Spring and Huanggang Ridge Forest Park are the two major scenic attractions in the zone. According to historical record, the Reshuitang Hot Spring was developed some 1,000 years ago. In the Liao Dynasty, Emperor Taizong and his successors had bathes here. In 1686, Emperor Kang Xi of the Qing Dynasty visited Reshuitang and bathed in the hot spring. The site remains today. The hot spring here contains various trace elements including radon, fluorine, silicic acid, mirabilite, sodium chloride and heavy sodium carbonate. The water temperature at the mouth is around 83¢XC. Such water has a magic effect on hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases and rheumatic arthritis. The Huanggang Ridge Forest Park offers forest, prairie, meadow, sandy land and hilly country scenery. The 13bent scenic section in particular offers different views at different bends.

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