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Information on Tours to Nagqu


Nagqu Town Restaurant provides Tibetan-flavor food (roast suckling lamb and milk products) and Chinese food (crabs cooked with pepper and fried shrimps). Address: 262 Zhejiang Road, Tel: 0896-3827992 ext.2888.

Qangtang Xingyuan Restaurant provides Tibetan-flavor dishes and other special dishes such Huanyin-Yangzhou, Guangzhou-Hong Kong cuisine. Address: Zhejiang C. Rd., Tel: 0896-3826868.


Tourists can stay in Nagqu town. 1f having permission from the tent host and hostess, you can stay overnight in the tent. With Khatag scarf, brick tea or butter as gifts, you will have more chance.

  • Nagqu Hotel
  • Address: 262 Seni E. Rd., Nagqu
  • Facilities: 250 beds in Western or Tibet-style suites, standard and economy rooms
  • Nagqu Guesthouse
  • Price: 15-30 Yuan each bed
Transport Means

Regular buses: In the long-distance bus station, there are regular buses from Nagqu to Lhasa, Damxung, Golmud and other places.

Other cars: You can find cars by guesthouses, parking lots or in the streets.

Hiring coach: You can contact with the Nagqu Tourist Company motor vehicle team.

Address: 262 Seni E. Rd., Nagqu

Tel: 0896-3822996


From herdsmen, tourists can buy some special valuable products, such Chinese caterpillar fungus, snow lotus, and also the light yellow walnut-sized pastureland mushroom delicious when cooked with chickens.

Amusement Centers

There are some amusement centers with perfect and modern facilities and comfortable environment and provide excellent services. But they are small.


Today the area has built a telecommunications network centered on post offices, telecommunication bureaus and mobile phone call companies.

Net Bars

In Nagqu Town there are 12 net bars and the per-hour fee is four five yuan.

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • Local phone directory 114
  • Long-distance call inquiry 113
  • Weather forecast 121
  • Code for Nagqu 086
Elevation and the Content of Oxygen

The average elevation is more than 4,500 meters and the content of oxygen is 60 percent.


Tourists should know the location of local medical institutes. You should bring enough commonly-used medicines and heavy clothes and have necessary knowledge about commonly-used traveling on highland.

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