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Yangliuqing New Year Pictures
Yangliuqing New Year Pictures date back to the early 17th century and originated in Yangliuqing Town on the western outskirts of Tianjin. They are one of the three best known types of New Year pictures in China. The pictures are woodcut prints which are painted in colors so that they are both woodcuts and folk paintings. The themes of the pictures are based on real life, folk customs and historical stories. As a form of folk art they are treasured by the people.

Trading Districts and Streets
The larger trading districts and streets are Binjiang Road, Heping Road, Xiaobai Building, Clothing Street, Trading City in the southwest corner, Zhongshan Road. Tonglou and Nanlu. The busiest are Binjiang Road Trading Street. cm the west haul, of Haihe River, and Heping Road Trading Street. The shops on the two streets include old places such as Quanyechang, Hua- Trade Mansion, Department Store, Tianjin Shoe Store, Hengdeli Clock and Wristwatch Store, Guanshengyuan Food Store and Sheng- Hat Store. The streets also have shopping centers and authorized sellers such as Binjiang Trade Mansion, Gilly Building, International Emporium. Walking St. on the Binjiang Rd. features a variety stores and attracts many tourists. In the evening people eat snacks beneath the colored lamps in front of these stores and this is one of the night scenes of the city.

Specialized Markets
During the past few years many specialized markets have opened in Tianjin. The larger and better known ones include Dahutong Wholesale Market for Household Articles, Tanggu Imported Goods Market and Wenzhou Clothing City Wholesale Market. The Shenyang Road Antique Market at the Intersection of Shenyang and Shandong roads in Heping District is a large distribution and collection center for antiques. There are about 100 shops and more than 300 peddlers. They deal in ancient porcelain, furniture, paintings, calligraphic works, writing articles and other antiques. The shops also buy articles and the market is frequented by Chinese and foreign collectors and lovers of antiques. In addition, there are many special local products such as the Yangliuqing New Year pictures, colored clay sculptures by the Zhang family, kites by the Wei family and Tianjin tapestries and carpets.

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