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Tourist Skiing Grounds

Harbin Vabuli Tourist Skiing Ground

  • Located 193.8 km east of Harbin and 120 km from Mudanjiang, Yabul snow copped mountain is 1,374 m above sea level. There are skiing grounds for athletic competition and tourists respectively. The Windmill Villa offers qualify services of accommodation, food and business to visitors.

    Jilin Mt. Changbai Ice and Snow Sports Training Canter

  • Sitting in the virgin forests (1,640-1,820 m above sea level) in the Mt. Changbai National Nature Reserve, the center has two alpine skiing runs, totaling 3,000 m, in addition to cross-country and winter skiing runs, an ideal place for winter sports.

    Jilin Beidahu Skiing Ground

  • Lying 56 km from Jilin, it is a modern skiing ground up to international standards its three alpine skiing runs can accommodate 3,000 visitors a day. It has also a belt cross-country skiing run, and W90m-, W50m-and W20m-diving platforms and a platform for freesfyle skiing. Other facilities include skiing club, hotel, athletes' village, canteen, buisiness center.

    Jilin Songhuahu Skiing Ground

  • Covering 350,000 sq m, it lies 19 km south of Jilin. The skiing run is 2,700 m long and the cabloway is 1.800 m long. There are a 5-km cross-country skiing run and a 50 m diving platform, in addition to facilities such as sleigh runs, cafe, hotel and shops.

    Jilin Changchun Jingyuetan Skiing Ground

  • SI ur.tod in the Jingyuetan Scenic Spot, rt Is 8 km from Changchun with special tourist r reaches. Covering 188,000 sq m, s has a total length of 2,400 m of suing runs with an incline of 5 15 degrees. Professionals can have a try on the SJSm-long cross country skiing run. Tel. 0431-4513577

    Shenyang Qipanshan Skiing Ground

  • Located 20 km northeast of Shenyang, the ground is suitable for beginners, with a gentle slope of about 20 degrees.

    Inner Mongolia Yakeshl Phoenix Villa Skiing Ground

  • Sitting 8 km southeast of Yakeshi of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Phoenix Villa is 900 m above sea level with a relative height of 300 m. The natural skiing runs formed by snow wind through the forests. The Windmill Restaurant and villas of mountainous style provide comfortable services.

    Xinjiang Juhuatal Skiing Ground

  • Lying 70 km south of Urumqi, it is a natural alpine skiing ground 2270 m above sea level. From November to March is the best skiing season here beginners and professionals can both find pleasure on different skiing slopes of 8-12 degrees. Buses to the ground pick up tourists at 9 o'clock in front of Urumqi Holiday Inn every day to cover the journey within an hour.

    Sichuan Mt. Emel Skiing Ground

  • Located in the Mt. Emei Scenic spot, it has alpine skiing run, skiing practicing guund and flying saucer skiing ground to cater to different demands of tourists. From late November to March is the best season for skiing here with the temporcture averaging -5 C.

    Lijiang Mt. Yulong Tourist Skiing Ground

  • Lying at the east foot of Mt. Yulong and 20 km from the Dayan Ancient Town, it is the only skiing ground in the world that is the nearest to the equator.
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