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There are more than 7.2 million Uygur people in Xinjiang nowadays. The Uygur nationality has a long history which may be traced back to the time of Dingling People, a nomadic tribe in northern China in the third century BC.

The Uygurs have their unique forms of art and culture and special folk customs. A joyous and lively festive air prevailing at Uygur wedding presents in general a true picture of the life and customs of the people.

Land of songs and dances

Of the 330,000 inhabitants of Turpan, 80 per cent are Uygurs. The Uygurs like to wear embroidered square caps, and the4 women are fond of long dresses, earrings and necklaces. Unmarried young girls like to comb their hair to a dozen braids. All Uygurs are good at singing and dancing. A gala party with singing and dancing is often held on a festive occasion, a wedding or a reception for guests from afar.

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