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Gansu Special Interest Tours




Motorcycle/car rally

Highway 312

Urumqim Lanzhou, Xi¡Šan


Hexi Corridor

Survey by bike and on foot, of on camelback

Study tour

In the province

Silk Road, Great Wall, folklore


In the province

Tuanjie Peak, Mount Altun, Snow Mountain, Qiyi Glacier


Yellow & Daxia rivers

Hekou, Lanzhou, Daxia R., Liujiaxia Reservoir

Tibetan Buddhism & folklore

Xiahe Country

Labrang Monastery, etc.

Gliding & hot balloon


Gliding and hot balloon

Root- searching pilgrimage

Eastern Gansu

Tianshui, Pingliang, Jingchuan


3 hunting grounds in the province

Hunting argalis, blue sheep, red deer, etc.

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