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Special Interest Tours of Xinjiang





Silk Road Bus Tour A


Taxkorgan-Kashi- Aksu-Kuqa-Korla-Urumqi-Turpan- Hami- Dunhuang- Jiuquan- Zhangye- Wuwei- Lanzhou- Tianshui- Xi'an(F)- Hong Kong

Stone City, Kalakuli Lake, ancient tombs, mosques, city scene, ruins of ancient communities, museums, Kizil 1,000-Buddha Cave, Mt. Flaming, Grape Valley, Mogao Grottoes, Crescent-Moon Spring, Singing Sand Dune, Jiayu Pass, Yellow River, Terracotta army, etc.

Silk Road Bus Tour B


Taxkorgan-Kashi- Shache-Hotan- Minfeng-Qiemo-Ruoqiang- Xiahe-Dunhuang-Golmud-Xining-Lanzhou-(F)Xi'an(F)-Hong Kong

Kalakuli Lade, ancient tombs, mosque, pottery, jade and silk workshops, ancient ruins, desert scenery Mogao Grottoes, Crescent-Moon Spring, Singing Sand Dune, Caka Salt Lake, Qinghai Lake, terracotta army, museum, etc.

Jeep Tour


Urumqi- Turpan- Korla-Kuqa- Minfeng-Hotan- Kashi- Taxkorgan-Kunjirap(departure)

Emin Tower, ruins of ancient towns, Astana Mausoleum, Grape Valley, 1,000-Buddha caves, silk factory, mosques, Stone City

Taklimakan Adventure


Entry(F)-Urumqi(F)- Kashi(B)- Hotan(B)- Kongbuluwate- Aksu(F)- Urumqi(F)- Beijing

Trekking from Daheyan Village to Mt. Mazhatage from Day 9 to Day 15; from Day 16 to Day 18 riding along the old river bed of Hotan

Trekking on Pamir


Urumqi(F)- Kashi-Taxkorgan(B)-Kunjirap

Trekking in the Pamir mountains from Day 5 to Day 10



Urumqi(B)-Heavenly  Lake(B)- Urumqi(F)- Kashi-Kunjirap

Trekking on the 3rd and 4th days, seeing Bogda Peak; trekking on the 8th day, seeing Mt. Muztagata

Loulan Adventure


(F)- Urumqi(B)-Lopnur- Loulan- Turpan(B)-Urumqi(F)-Beijing

Trekking on the 4th and 5th days from Lopnur to Loulan and back to Lopnur

From Silk Road to Tibet


(F)- Urumqi(F)-Kashi(B)-Yecheng(B)-Ngari(B)- Zada(B)-Zhumba(B)-Xigaze(B)-Lhasa(F)-Chengdu(F)-Shanghai

Pamir scenery, Ngari scenery, the ruins of the Kingdom of Guge, Gangrenpoqi Peak,  Zhaxihubu Monastery, Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery,  Norbu Lingka



Beijing(F)-Urumqi(F)-Yining(B)-Korgas(B)-Alma Ata(B)-Bishkek(B)-Naryn(B)-Turgart(b)-Kashi(F)- Urumqi(B)- Turpam(B)- Urumai(F)-Islamabad

Palace Museum, Mt. Nan, art workshop, museum, citytour, alpine skating rink, Yisaike Lake, imperial Concubine Xiangˇ¦s tomb,mosques, the ruins of Jiaohe, Mt. Flaming, Grape Valley

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