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Tombs of Tang Emperors

The Tang Dynasty was another most flourishing and powerful dynasty after the Han in Chinese history. To the northwest of Xi'an lie 18 tombs of emperors and high-ranking officials of the Tang Dynasty. Most important of all are the tomb of Empress Zhangsun, wife of the second Tang emperor and the tomb of Wu Zetian, the only queen in Chinese history and her husband the third emperor of the Tang Dynasty Li Zhi.

The tomb of Empress Zhangsun who died in 649 AD is known as Zhao Ling and lies 85 km away from the city proper. The tomb set an example of the Tang imperial mausoleums built into hills.

The tomb of Wu Zetian and her husband, known as Qian Ling, was built in 683 AD the most valuable relics of this tomb are the 61 stone sculptures in front of the tomb.

Other notable imperial tombs around include that of Princess Yongtai, that of Prince Zhanghuai and that of Prince Yide. Although these tombs have been stolen, the remaining artifacts uncovered fill a rich, priceless museum.

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