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Emperor Wu Di of the Han and His tomb Mao Ling

Emperor Wu Di of the Han Dynasty (156 BC-87 AD) is considered one of the wisest emperors in Chinese history. He was the fifth emperor of the Han and the Han regime under his half-century rule reached the zenith of the dynasty. The emperor sent Zhang Qian to open the Silk Road to the West and China under him made outstanding achievements in politics, economy, culture and military affairs.

His tomb called Mao Ling lies some 45 km to the west of Xi'an city. The dome-shaped tomb rises 130 metesr tall despite the more than 2000 years of erosion by wind and rain. Around the emperor's tomb, there are more than 20 attendant tombs.

Most outstanding among them is General Huo Qubing's tomb, of which the 16 large stone carvings are invaluable cultural relics. General Huo made six successful Wet expeditions and made great contribution to the border security of the Han. The stone carvings consist of horses, a bull, a tiger, an elephant, a savage and others.

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