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Yangzhou / Famous Shops and Stores


Yangzhou is a historical and cultural city and is famous for its real historical and cultural sites, lakes and gardens. In history, it was an important port of exchanges with other countries. Its traditional handicrafts have a long history, including lacquer ware in unique shapes, well carved jade objects, vivid paper-cuts and velvet flowers and birds. The calligraphic works and paintings related with eight celebrities from Yangzhou are unique.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Wanjiafu Mall
  • Clothes, cosmetics, electrical, household appliances, bedding,platinum ornaments
  • 2 Wenhe N. Rd.
  • Tel:7321236
  • Parkson Trade Mansion
  • General merchandise, gold jewelry, clothes, crafts
  • 98 Wenchang M. Rd
  • Tel:7352726
  • Yangzhom Bazaar
  • Electrical household appliances, clothes, general merchandise,gold jewelry, leather goods
  • 75 Wenhe Rd.
  • Tel:7333999
  • Huanqiu Trade Mansion Stock Co. Ltd.
  • Electrical household appliances, clothes, general merchandise,knitwear, clocks, watches, gold
  • 290 Guoqing Rd.
  • Tel:7318888
  • Youyi Co.
  • Electrical household appliances, antiques, crafts, cigarettes,wines non-staple food and general merchandise
  • 454 Guoqing N. Rd.
  • Tel: 7341631
  • Cultural Relics Store
  • Ancient ceramics, ancient bronze, enamelware,lacquer ware, ancient coins,jade objects, bamboo, wood and ivory carvings, textiles and embroidered crafts
  • 1 Yanfu W. Rd
  • Tel:7342987

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