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Kunming / Famous Shops and Stores


Yunnan is located on the southwestern border area of China. Kunming is the capital of Yunnan. Yunnan leads China in the number of ethnic minorities, the population of minority people making up one third of the province's total. It is a famous historical and cultural city, known for its beautiful scenery, many scenic spots and historical sites, and a pleasant climate all the year round. The '99 International Horticulture Exposition was held in Kunming - a developing international tourism city. Tourists find pleasure to buy cigarettes, jewelry, delicacies from land, medicinal herbs and arts and crafts in Kunming.

Local Products and Handicrafts

Jianshui Purple Pottery Arts and Crafts

Made with pottery clay in red, yellow, green, purple and white, they are produced with traditional techniques and through various procedures, such as painting, carving, firing and polishing.


"Tongpa" refers to the satchel. The Dai, Yi, Hani, Jingpo, Wa, Lisu and De'ang people produce and use it. Most of them are made of cotton fabrics, decorated with woven patterns, embroideries, cross-stitch works and applique. It has a wide variety of patterns.

Dali Bandhnu

It is also known as plangi or tied colorful cloth and is mainly produced in Zhouchen in Dali, Dacang and Miaojie in Weishan. With pure white cottoncloth or white cotton-hemp cloth as the raw materials, and indigo as dyestuff, bandhnu is produced after many working procedures. The patterns on Dali bandhnu are commonly seen plants and animals, white patterns on a blue background.

Tengchong Jade Objects

Tengchong jade objects are the renowned traditional handicrafts of Yunnan with a long history.

There are a wide variety of jade products, such as bracelets, hairpins and brooches. They are sold to the countries in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macau.

Gejiu Tin Handicrafts

With pure tin as raw materials, Gejiu tin handicrafts are produced through many special working procedures, such as smelting, pressing, cutting, cleaning, welding, polishing, decoration and carving. The tin handicrafts are acid-proof, alkali-resisting, and nonpoisonous, without smell. They will not become rusty. There are many kinds of tin products, including containers for daily life, such as drinking vessels and tea jars, and artistic objects, such as Buddhist statues, white cranes and cups as a prize.

Dai Brocade

Dai brocade, which shows an ancient textile technique, is known for its high-quality weaving technique, unique patterns, beautiful colors, and a strong ethnic style. Sturdy and durable, Dai brocades have various kinds of patterns, such as rare birds and animals, the five cereals (rice, two kinds of millets, wheat and beans) and flowers. Each pattern with different colors has its own concrete contents. For instance, the skirts in red and green colors are to commemorate the ancestors of the Dai people; the peacock pattern stands for auspiciousness; and the elephant pattern symbolizes a bumper harvest of all food crops.

Bornite Handicrafts

There are two kinds of bornite articles-raw and wrought bornite products. Raw bornite products are processed with natural bornite ores. As bornite ores are rare, there are few raw bornite products. Wrought bornite products are made through unique smelting and casting, with a wide variety of products, such as rare birds, strange beasts, flowers, mountains and rivers. The others draw materials from fairy tales and legends, such as immortal mountains, jade pavilions, historical figures, each glowing with radiating vigor.

Wax Printing

Thanks to the constant development and innovation by the ethnic minorities inYunnan Province in the past years, wax printing of Yunnan has become handicrafts, showing the unique ethnic style and local characteristics. Wax-printed cloth has various kinds of patterns, such as animals, flowers, birds, scenic spots and historical sites. The way to make wax-printed cloth is very simple: Use a special wax knife to put melted wax onto a piece of cloth, and dye it. Then boil water to get rid of the wax from the cloth. A beautiful pattern will appear right away.

Marble Stone Articles

There are over 200 kinds of marble stone articles, such as the four treasures of the study, flower vases, flowerpots, pagodas, lamps and lanterns.

Yunnan Baiyao (White Medicinal Powder)

Yunnan Baiyao was developed by Qu Huanzhang, a folk doctor from Kunming. At the beginning, it was called "Baibaodan"; and later was renamed as Yunnan Baiyao. Since the birth of Yunnan Baiyao, it has been well known for treating hemorrhage, wounds and bruises, stopping bleeding, and invigorating the circulation of blood. It has been sold well both at home and abroad, and is named as the sacred medicine for treating wounds.

Xuanwei Ham

Xuanwei is one of the major producers of ham in China. In 1915 at the Panama World Expo., Xuanwei ham won a gold medal. It is the famousbrand product of Yunnan taking the lead in entering the international market. In the shape of a pipa (a plucked string musical instrument with a fretted fingerboard), Xuanwei ham has yellow or light red skin, and red, peach red or rose color meat. Refreshing and tasty, Xuanwei ham has been well received at the market.

Chinese Caterpillar Fungus

The Chinese caterpillar fungus, which is parasitic fungus on bat moths, is a famous tonic. The Chinese caterpillar fungus mainly grows in the areas with a high elevation, such as Diqing and the Nujiang River.

The Tuber of Elevated Gastrodia

Yunnan Province is one of the main producers of the tuber of elevated gastrodia in China. The high-quality and solid tuber of elevated gastrodia grows mainly in the counties of Zhaotong Prefecture.

Dengchuan Milk Fan

The Dengchuan milk fan, a milk product in the shape of a fan, is produced in Dengchuan in milky white or milky yellow color. The Bai people often entertain their guests with a dish prepared with Dengchuan milk fans. The milk fan can be eaten raw, or fried with oil, and may be carried about during a long trip.

Jinggu Ivory Mango

The Jinggu ivory mango was first introduced from Thailand in 1914. The very Mango tree imported from Thailand still grows luxuriantly today. Its highest annual output reached nearly 500 km. The mango is large, in an oval shape, like a young elephant task. With thin skin and much pulp, the mango is fragrant and sweet; and 82 percent of the fruit can be eaten. Hence the name the "king of fruit."

Puer Tea

Puer tea is large-leave tea produced in Yunnan, with 12 varieties of five categories. As a good drink in daily life, Puer tea can also help diminish inflammation, digest food, improve the stomach, whet the appetite, and reduce cholesterol. Hence it is known as skin beautifying tea or weight losing tea in many countries.

Yunnan Tuo Tea

Yunnan Tuo Tea, originally known as Xiaguan Too Tea, is produced in Xiaguan, Dali Prefecture. With a history of 500-600 years, Tuo tea is made of high-quality Qingmao tea, featuring clear water, strong fragrance and a sweet taste. Tuo tea can help reduce fat, hence the name "weight losing tea." It has been sold well in France, Germany and Spain.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Kunming Department Store
  • Jinri Park
  • Tel:(0871)3613434
  • Southwest Commercial Building
  • 18 Renmin M. Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)3184266
  • Jinlong Department Store
  • TCM, Baita Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)3103136
  • Yinghua Shopping Center
  • Middle of Dongfeng E. Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)3140429
  • Zhengyi Merchandise Market
  • 95 Zhengyi Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)3611800
  • Baihui Commercial Square
  • In the west of Dongfeng W. Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)5354152
  • Jinhua Plaza
  • In the south of Beijing Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)3531723
  • Panlong Department Store
  • North Bus Terminal
  • Tel:(0871)5140758
  • Honglian Department Store
  • Renmin W. Rd.
  • Tel:(0871)5380770
  • Banna Plaza
  • 3 Minzu N. Rd.
  • Tel:(0691)2122270
  • Jinghong Department Store
  • Linghong W. Rd.
  • Tel:(0691) 2123129
  • Lijiang No. l Department Store
  • Xinda St., Lijiang
  • Tel:(0888)5123206
  • Lijiang No.2 Department Store
  • Xinda St., Lijiang
  • Tel:(0888)5123149
  • Arts & Crafts Department
  • Youth Rd., Lijiang
  • Tel:(0888)3162200

Shopping Streets

  • Qicai Yunnan
  • large tourism shopping plaza
  • 12 km from Shi'an Rd.
  • Flower and Bird Market
  • flowers and birds market
  • Shengli Hall, Yongdao St.
  • Flower Market
  • medium-sized flower retail market
  • Middle section of Shangyi St.
  • Ethnic Handicrafts Market
  • ethnic handicrafts stores
  • In the middle of Cuihu S. Rd.
  • Medicinal Herbs Market
  • Chinese herbal medicinal market
  • Juhua Village, Dongjiao Rd.

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