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Jingzhou / Famous Bazaars


Jingzhou is a famous historical and cultural city of China, an important port along the Yangtze River, as well as a commercial city leading the world in the use of gold coins.

Now various kinds of shopping streets are scattered all over the city, with diversified shopping centers and a wide variety of commodities. In Jingzhou, tourists can buy local special products, and famous, special, quality and new products from all over the country and the world. Hence Jingzhou is an ideal city for shopping.

Famous Bazaars

Zhongshang Department Store

It sells articles of everyday use, household electrical appliances, telecommunications equipment, garments, shoes, hats, arts and crafts, totaling over 80,000 kinds of commodities of 18 major categories. It is the largest modern mall in Jingzhou.

Shashi Plaza

It is a state-owned comprehensive shopping center in Jingzhou, mainly selling garments, shoes, hats, stationary, articles of everyday use, metals, household electrical appliances, etc.

Wanlida World-renowned Garments Square

With a business area of 3,000 sq m, it sells more than 40 kinds of famous-brand garments in the world, such as Pierre Cardin, Dunhill, Valentino, etc.

Jin'ao Friendship Shopping Center

It is the first Sino-foreign commercial joint venture in Hubei Province, with a business area of 8,000-sq m. Jin'ao Friendship Shopping Center has enjoyed a high reputation among customers for its high-quality commodities and good service

Shopping Street

Beijing Middle Road Shopping Street

Beijing M. Road Shopping street, the busiest commercial area in Jingzhou, gathers more than 200 commercial enterprises. It is lined by various kinds of old-brand shops and famous-brand boutiques, each having its own characteristics.

Hongcheng Road - a Pedestrian Street

Hongcheng Road is located in the busiest Beijing M. Road Commercial Area, totaling 800 m long. More than 400 shops on the both sides of the Road mainly sell clothes, household electrical appliances, non-staple food, etc.

Women's Street

Women's Street is a special commercial city selling commodities for women's use. Over 100 privately owned shops line the Street.

Cultural and Art Works Market

The market stands by the Jingzhou Library on Yuanlin Road, mainly selling calligraphy, paintings, porcelain, antiques, root carvings, etc. The market is well known for the works by famous calligraphers and painters of Hubei Province, and porcelain ware and products by Jingdezhen of Jiangxi Province.

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