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Guangzhou / Famous Shopping Streets


Guangzhou boasts eight major shopping streets, such as Dishipu, Beijing Road, Gaodi Street which sells articles of everyday use, Culture Street on Wende Road, Night Market at the West Lake Road, and the Golden Fish Street on Shufang Street, Danan Road. If you take a tour of these shopping streets, you will surely come back with lots of commodities. The beautiful Ram City is indeed a paradise for shopping.

Famous Bazaars

Tianhe City Square

If you want to experience a typical modern life, you are recommended to pay a visit to the area near Tianhe City, and Tianhe. Sports Center, where you will find it on a large scale and with various functions. Your children will love to visit the "Space Shuttle," an emulated movie studio on the first floor of the Tianhe City Square, and a skating rink on the fourth floor.

Walking out of the eastern side gate of the Tianhe City Square, you will go to Hongcheng Square, where you may take it easy to do shopping as it is not crowded with people.

Guangzhou Department Store

Located on 295 Beijing Road, Guangzhou Department Store is a large state-owned mall, mainly selling famous, excellent, new and special commodities. It has 11 shopping centers, such as articles of everyday use, food, clocks and watches, men and women's clothes, bedding, shoes and leather products, and cultural articles. Customers may select goods from the open shelves.

Xindaxin Company

Located on 4 Zhongshan Wulu, Xindaxin Company is one of the largest state-owned department stores in Guangzhou, with a construction area of 21,000 sq m. The 16-story building includes 15 shopping centers, selling food, articles of everyday use, cosmetics, women and children's clothes, knit wears and textiles, bedroom articles, men's clothes, audiovideo products, stationary, toys and sports articles and furniture centers. The Asian Commercial Federation named Xindaxin Company as the "Best General Merchandise Company of Asia."

Nanfang Building

It is a large state-owned retail sale enterprise with a time-honored history. As one of the 10 top department stores in China, Nanfang Building enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad, and consists of the West and Main buildings, a shopping street, and the underground shopping center across the Road. It covers a total business area of 13,000 sq m. The shopping street outside the main building sells refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, electric fans, bicycles, sewing machines and motorcycles. Nanfang Building features "high grade, fashionable and low-price" commodities.

Shopping Streets

Shangxiajiu-Dishipu Pedestrian Shopping Street

It is one of the three major municipal-level shopping areas of Guangzhou. The 800-meter-long Street is lined with nearly 250 shops.

It starts from Shangxiajiu Road in the east, ends at Dishipu W. Road in the west. It has a group of old famous stores, such as the Yong'an Department Store, Guangzhou Garment Store, Herring Shoes and Hats Store, and Dalu Clock and Watch Store; some well renowned restaurants, including Guangzhou Restaurant, Taotaoju Restaurant, Wenchang Chicken, and Taotao Ginger and Onion Chicken; the Hualin Furniture and Jade Objects Street; Qingping Road; Liwan Square where stand a group of residential apartment buildings; and a large number of stores selling stationary.

Beijing Road Pedestrian Shopping Street

It is the second pedestrian Street of this kind in Guangzhou. It is also an ideal place for customers and tourists to do shopping at weekend and holidays. It mainly includes a shopping section on the Beijing Road, which is home to over 10 large and medium sized shopping centers, such as Xindaxin Company, Guangzhou Department Store and Taibai Plaza, several bookstores and Xinhua Bookstore, which sell dictionaries, and education, ancient, music, fine arts and children's books, Changjiang Musical Instruments Store, Sanduoxian Studio, JiyazhaiStudio, Yanfang Photo Studio, Xinyitai Sports Goods Store, etc.

People can also find the Beijing, Jianqiang and New Style stores, the brilliantly illuminated night markets; some restaurants, such as Taiping Restaurant and Lidu Restaurant; and many fast food restaurants.

Famous Shopping Streets and Areas

  • Shangxiajiu Dishipu Xiguan Commercial, Trade, Delicacy and Shopping Pedestrian Street
  • Delicacies and shopping
  • Dishipu Rd., Shangjiu Rd. and Maim Rd. in Liwan District
  • Beijing Road
  • Pedestrian Shopping
  • Beijing Rd.
  • Hualin Jade Objects and Furniture Street furniture
  • Jade objects and mahogany
  • Hualin St., Xilaichudi in Liwan District
  • Gaodi Street Market Shopping street
  • Clothes and goods for daily use
  • Gaodi St. in Beijing S.Rd.
  • Wende Road Culture Street
  • Antiques, old books, Flowers, birds insects and fish
  • Wende Rd. in Dongshan District
  • Qingping Road Farm Products Market
  • Farm Produce
  • Near Qingping and Tiyun Roads in Liwan District
  • Illuminated Night Market on the West Lake Road
  • Fashion dresses
  • Near West Lake and Education Roads
  • Changdi Shopping Area
  • Shopping
  • Long embankment on the north
  • Dongshan Shopping
  • Fashion dresses,general
  • Around the Dongshan Department Area
  • Hongde Road Shopping Area
  • General merchandise, stationary merchandise
  • Southern side of People's Bridge Store as Department
  • Jiangnan Shopping Area
  • Shopping
  • Southern side of Haizhu Bridge
  • Liuhua Shopping Area
  • Garment markets
  • Near Guangzhou Railway Station
  • Tianhe New Shopping Area
  • Shopping Center
  • In the New Tianhe City

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