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Chengdu / Famous Bazaars


Sichuan has been known as the "land of abundance" since ancient times. Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, stands in western Sichuan, where there is a vast expanse of land, high mountains, long rivers and the famous Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve. Hot pickled mustard tuber has a long history, and Sichuan embroidery, porcelain in a bamboo basket, Wuliangye liquor, Luzhou Laojiao liquor and Jiannachun liquor have been well known in and abroad.

Famous Bazaars

People's Plaza

Founded in 1953, the People's Plaza is one of the 10 major plazas in China, as well as the largest comprehensive commercial retail enterprise in southwestern China, selling a wide variety of commodities and integrating diversified services.

Chengdu Department Store

It is a large commercial enterprise in Chengdu, with an area of 15,000 sq m. It has six stories, and 13 commodity departments, and sells more than 30,000 kinds of commodities of 10 major categories. Its business network extends all through the China.

Lotus Pond Market

It is a large comprehensive wholesale market, ranking the first of the trade markets in southwestern China in terms of size and economic benefits.

Red Flag Plaza

Red Flag Plaza is a large multifunction comprehensive shopping center and the largest non-staple food mall in southwestern China, integrating shopping, food processing, accommodation, recreation, advertising and promotion, with an area of 10,000 sq m.

Parkson Square

The business building of the Parkson Square has seven stories and an area of 10,000 sq m. It sells over 100,000 kinds of commodities. Hence it is a paradise for customers.

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