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Changchun / Famous Shops and Stores


Changchun is the capital city of Jilin Province and a political, economic, communication, cultural and tourist center of the province. The city is famous for its developed commodities. To provide a good shopping environment for domestic and foreign tourists, the city has introduced a designated management system of tourist shopping. Today it has 15 designated shops for tourists. All these shops have specialized counters for selling ginseng, pilose antler, marten fur products and other special and local products. Qingming Street and Tongzhi Street in downtown area are shopping centers of the city with many shops and stores.

Famous Bazaars

Eurasian Trade

Located on Hongqi Street, the Trade Mansion occupies an area of 80,000 square meters, and deals over 100,000 kinds of goods. Its 11 affiliate malls are exclusive in decoration, and are ideal for shopping.

Famous Shops and Stores

  • Friendship Store
  • General merchandise, handicrafts and decorative materials
  • 147 Rcnmin St.
  • 5684712
  • Eurasian Trade
  • General merchandise, handicrafts, gold and jewelry
  • 14 Gongnong Rd.
  • 5620075
  • Exquisite Goods Mall on 6/E of Int'1 Trade Building
  • Clocks, watches, handicrafts, clothes, gold and jewelry
  • 81 Renmin St.
  • 8966688
  • Zhuozhan Time Square
  • Handicrafts, clocks, watches, gold and Jewelry, clothes
  • 99 Chongqing Rd.
  • 8946789
  • Department Store
  • Clocks, handicrafts, clothes, gold and general merchandise ext. 2582
  • 77 Renmin St.
  • 8922318

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