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Shanxi Museum

Dingcun Folk MuseumDingcun Folk Museum in Xiangfen County
The museum, situated in Dingcun, contains the paleolithic ruins of the "Dingcun Man" and "Dingcun Culture." The museum is made up of 20 Ming and Qing style courtyards built between 1593 and 1851. There are exhibits of roughly 10,000 pieces of cultural relic, and paintings and models depicting the local folk.

Jinshang Cultural Museum in Qixian county
The museum lies in the large courtyard of the Qu Family. Qu, born in Qixian County, was a famous merchant ofthe Qing Dynasty with wealth totalling 500,000 kilograms of silver. The TV drama "Changjinyuan Private Bank" was based on the Qu family.

The construction of the Qu courtyard began in 1763. It covers covers a total area of 5,300 square meters with houses occupying 3,200 square meters. Composed of five courtyards linked by passageways in an axis, its size is rare in Chinese architecture. e. The residence includes 3 large courtyards, 19 small courtyards and 240 rooms.

Courtyard of the Qiao  FaimilyQiaojiabao Folk Museum in Qixina County
The Qiaojiabao Folk Museum, the largest folk museum in Shanxi Province, lies in Qiaojiabao Village in Qixian. The museum was the former residence of Qiao Zhiyong, a merchant during the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. The museum has 1,110 exhibits and numerous historic relics, conveying a strong sense of local folk customs, including the celebration of birthdays, a baby's fast month, and marriage, as well as the practices surrounding birth, aging, illness and death.

The courtyard, Qing-dynasty building dating from 1755, remains completely untouched.

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