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Folk Arts and Shopping

Shadow playFlower-Drum of Southern Shane Province
The FlowerDrum of southern Shanxi Province is a kind of folk dance popular in Wanrong County. At the same time, the Wanrong Flower-Drum is widely played in Hejin, Fushan, Jishan, Yicheng and Wenxi counties in southem Shanxi.

Shadow Plays
Shadow play is very popular among the local people in Shanxi Province. Figures, settings and stage properties made of donkey or ox skin are manipulated by people, as in puppet shows, to cast the images onto a screen on a stage, namely the "shadow skin". Music and narrations, in addition to the skillful manipulations, make the performance of the shadow figures very lively to watch.

Pictures Pasted on the Walls above Brick Kangs
People in many places in Shanxi Province attach great importance to beautifying the walls above their brick kangs, which is how the rich and colorful pictures pasted on walls came into being. With at least an 800 year history, these colorful pictures convey rich meaning in a unique way.

Paintings beside a Kang, a heated brick bedEmbroidery
Embroidery is very popular in rural Shanxi, with the embroidery work in different places displaying their own local colors. Folk embroideries of Shanxi can be roughly divided into three categories: clothing and personal adornment, daily-use articles and articles for sacrifice.

Paper-cuts of Fushan County
Fushanknown as the "Home ofthe Paper-cut"' is famous for its rich variety of paper-cuts. These folk handicrafts, steeped in local flavor, are either bold and imaginative, simple and vibrant, or delicate and pretty.

New Year's Wood Engravings of Pingyang
The New Year's wood engravings of Pingyang are mostly made by ordinary farmers. The themes ofthese engravings usually come from folk customs, fairy tales and legends, ranging from flowers and figures to fish, birds and beasts.

A dough sculptureDough Sculptures
The Shanxi people, famous for their rich variety of dishes made from wheat, aside from making various food with dough, also mold it into various "dough figures" to admire as well as for good luck. They send them to friends as gifts to extend lotions or pay tribute to gods. The dough figures are therefore also called edible artistic works.

Resounding Gong and Drum Performances
Gong and drum performances are very popular in the Linfen Prefecture. It is a large ensemble of folk percussion instruments. On the occasions of Spring Festival, harvests and mass rallies, the gong and drum performances will be staged among the crowds.

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