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The Tomb of Yang Gui FeiXianyang
The city of Xianyang is located in the central part of Guanzhong Plain, 25 kilometers west of Xi'an. It was made the capital of feudal China after the country was unified for the first time in history. The city is 10,213 square kilometers in area and has 1,585 places of historic interest. These include such major historical sites as the Qianfo Pagoda, the ruins of Xianyang during the Qin Dynasty, the Shunting, the Changling, the Hanling , the tomb of Princess Chang Le, and the tomb of Yang Gull Fei. These historical relics are valuable data for the study of Chinese history.

Qianfo Pagoda
Also known as the Iron Pagoda, it is in Beidu Town, 15 kilometers from Xianyang. The octagonal, cone-shaped pagoda has ten stories and stands at 30 meters. It is exquisitely cast and of high artistic value.

The MaolingThe Maoling
It is the resting place of Emperor Wu Di of the Western Dynasty in Maoling Village of Xingping County, nine kilometers from Xianyang. It is the largest tomb with the most funeral objects of the royal court of the Western Han Dynasty. The cemetery is encirled by a city wall of 430.87 meters from east to west and 414.87 from south to north. The wall's foundation is 5.8 meters wide. Inside the wall are halls for offering sacrifices, the tomb, and houses for imperial maids and tomb guards.

The Qianling
It contains the remains of Emperor Gao Zong and Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty. The tomb is on Mount Liangshan, 45 kilometers from Xianyang. Originally, the cemetery had an inner wall and an outer wall with watchtowers perching on top of each of the corners and large stone sculptures. The tomb is flanked in front with 61 stone statues of the chieftains of minority groups and foreign envoys attending the funeral of Emperor Gao Zong.

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