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Weinan City
Lying in the eastern Guanzhong Plain, the city of Weinan is where the Administrative Office of Weinan Prefecture located. It is also the native place of Bai Juyi, a Tang Dynasty poet, and Kou Zhun, prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty (960- 1127). There are such historical sites as the pagoda at the Xiajihuizhao Temple and the tomb of Kou Zhun.

Huayin City
It is in the southeastern Weinan Prefecture with Mount Huashan to the south. Among its places of historic interest and scenic beauty are the Mount Huashan Scenic Area, the Yuquan Courtyard, the Xiyue Temple, the Taihua Mountain Villa, ruins of the Wei Dynasty (386-550) Great Wall, and ruins of the Hanhua Capital Grain Warehouse.

Mount HuashanThe Mount Huashan Scenic Area
Situated about five kilometers south of the Huaxian County seat in the eastern Guanzhong Plain,. the scenic area is 2,160 meters about sea level. It has the Qinling Range to the south, the Huanghe (Yellow) and Weihe rivers to the north. Mount Huashan is one of the Five Sacred Mountains in China known for its tall and graceful peaks that thrust toward the sky. It is called "the No. 1 peculair and perilous mountain under heaven." There are 121 natural scenic spots in the scenic area's 113 square kilometers of land stretching for 20 kilometers from the foot to the top of the mountain. The unsophisticated yet elegant temples, pavilions, stone caves, and plank roads are built according to the terrain, making the traditional-style structures blend into a harmonious whole with the natural beauty.

The Xiyue Temple
Standing at the eastern end of Yuezhen Town, five kilometers from the foot of Mount Huashan and 1.5 kilometers east of Huayin City, the temple is built for offering sacrifices to the god of Mount Huashan. The rectangular temple composed of the inner and outer parts has an area of 13 hectares, with an layout resembling that of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Jincheng Gate and the Haoling Hall are the two most magnificent structures. The stone tablets in the temple are treasured historical relics.

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