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The City of Tongchuan
The city is located in central Shaanxi Province, on the southern fringe of the Northern Shaanxi Plateau and the northern boundary of Guanzhong Plain. There are the ruins of the Yaozhou Kiln, the remains of Yuhua Palace, and many rare historical relics. The Yaozhou Kiln, one of the four principal kilns in norhtern China, once extended for five kilomters. The Forest of Stone Sculptures on Yaowang (Bhaisajyaraja) Mountain is a major historical relic under state protection.

Stone Sculptures on Yaowang MountainThe Ruins of the Yaozhou Kiln
The site of ancient pottery and porcelain kilns in Hengbao Town on the outskirts of Tongchuan, the Yaozhou Kiln was the central one of the kilns in Yaozhou. Excavations have been carried out in an area of 11,500 square meters. More than 100 workshops and kilns from the Tang through to the Yuan (1271-1368) Dynasty were found, and over 5,000 pieces of porcelainware were brought to light.

Stone Sculptures on Yaowang Mountain
The mountain is 1.5 kilometers east of the Yaoxian County seat. There are 200 stone tablets erected during the past dynasties, seven grottoes of the Sui and Tang dynasties as well as statutes from the Northern Wei to the Tang times.

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