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A scene from a Qingqiang operaQinqiang opera
It is the main opera of Shaanxi Province. It is said that the opera was called the Qin emperor's opera during the Tang period and was later renamed Qinqiang opera. It has a unque style, a rich list of plays, and a deep influence and holds an important position in the annals of Chinese operas. The Qinqiang opera, Beijing (Peking) opera, and Yuju (Henan) opera are the three major operas in northern China.

The Tang Dynasty Dance with Music Accompaniment
People at the Shaanxi Provincial Song and Dance Ensemble composed the dance by sorting out historical data and then put it on at the Tang Music Palace. The musicians present the music with the Tang Dynasty-style musical instruments, and the dancers wear a Tang Dynasty-style robe with long white silk sleeves. The most famous item is the Rainbow Skirt and Feathered Coat Dance.

The Tang Dynasty Dance with Music AccompanimentThe Northern Shaanxi Yangko
The Yangko dance falls into two categories: the Grand Yangko and Tichangzi. The former is a collective song and dance performance given in a square. The performance is often accompanied with the lion, dragon, and boat dances. Tichangzi dancers must be even in number, with the male dancers holding colored fans and the female dancers waving colored silk ribbons.

The Northern Shaanxi Yangko DanceThe Ansai Waist Drum Dance
The dance finds its origin in Ansai County and is known for its great momentum and sonorous rhythm. The dancers, with a white towel tied around their heads and in laced suits, look brilliant and impressive. Each has a drum tied to his or her waist and dances with joy amidst the beating of drums and gongs.

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