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Fried CakeFood in Ningxia is mainly featured by Muslim flavors. There are various local snacks mostly featuring the flavor of the Hui people.

Muslim Dishes

Mutton in Ningxia is fresh and tender, and its smell is not strong. Slices of mutton can be boiled and serve together with various ingredients, Chinese cabbage, and vermicelli made from pea starch.

Grabbed Mutton
This dish has been popular for 1,000 years. The grabbed mutton, cooked with sheep ribs, is one of the traditional flavors of the Hui people in Ningxia, and is fresh, tender, and fragrant.

Grabbed MuttonSteamed Dove-Fish
The dove-fish is a special fish live in the torrents of the Yellow River water. For hundreds of years, it has been a tribute to the royal court. Shaped like a peony in blossom, it is one of the famous traditional dishes in Ningxia.

Mutton with Wolfberry Fruits
Tanyang, a kind of sheep raised in Ningxia, and wolfberry fruits, are native products of Ningxia. Fry the slices of mutton and the soaked wolfberry fruits, then serve. This dish is pleasant to the taste, and nutritious. It is a common medicinal dish in local Ningxia.

Local Snacks

Fried Cake
The fried cake is round, with a big hole in the middle. It is red in color, delicious, and scorched outside and tender inside.

Deep-Fried Twisted Dough Sticks
The deep-fried twisted dough sticks are mostly cooked on festive occasions, such as the Lesser Bairam and the Corban (Animal Slaughtering) festivals. It is delicious and crisp, and unique in shape.

Eight-Treasured Tea
One of the most favorite drinks of the Hui people in Ningxia, the Eight-Treasured Tea consists of tea, ice sugar, longan, sesame, raisin, dried apricot, wolfberry fruits, and jujube. It is usually served with a teacup with lid and saucer.

Chopped Cooked Entrails of SheepChopped Cooked Entrails of Sheep
The entrails include sheep's head, its lung, liver, and tripe, which are boiled with pepper oil, onion, chilli, and gourmet powder.

Gruel of Sweetened, Fried Flour
The gruel of sweetened, fried flour is made of flour, the fat of sheep or cattle, salt, onion, and gourmet powder. Served after stirring with boiling water, it can appease one's hunger and quench one's thirst.

Wide Noodles
Cut the thin cake made of filtered flour into strips. Serve with ingredients, such as vinegar, soybean sauce, salt, and hot pepper oil. It is the most popular snack in summer because it can relieve heat.

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