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Major Festivals

The major festivals of the Hui people in Ningxia include the Lesser Bairam, the Corban (Slaughtering Festival), and the Birthday of Mohammed.

The Lesser Bairam
The Lesser Bairam is one of the important red-letter days of the Hui people. It falls on some day in September until October 1 by the Hui calendar. Muslims can have meals only before sunrise and after sunset. During the festival, people are in their best, cook snacks, and visit friends and relatives.

Corban Festival
Also known as the Slaughtering Festival, Corban falls on December 10 by the solar calendar. During the festival, Muslims will pray in the mosques during the day, and every household will slaughter sheep, cattle or camels in celebration. The meat is divided into three parts: one for the household, one for guests, and one for the poor.

The Birthday of Mohammed
This festival falls on March 12 by the solar calendar in commemoration of the birthday and the death of Mohammed. On this day, Muslims gather to chant scriptures, tell the story of Mohammed, and having a banquet.

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