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Year 2000 Events

  • "New Millennium China 2000"
  • Celebrating the New Millennium at Mount Taishan and the Inaugural Ceremony for "New Millennium China 2000"
  • The China Century Altar
  • Global Family - Lantern Riddle Guessing Party for Chinese Living in every Part of the World
  • China Ice and Snow Festival
  • Tree Planting for the "Century Forest"
  • Round-the-Island Bicycle Race in Hainan
  • 2000 World Art Exhibition at the Great Wall of China
  • Shanghai Greets New Century with a Relay Race
  • Month of Chinese Cuisine
  • International Dragon Boat Championship Rally
  • Yangtze River Tourist Carnival
  • World Islands Festival, Hainan Province
  • Tourist Festival Marking the Centenary of the Tripitaka Cave
  • Fifth International Chorus Festival
  • Qingdao International Beer Festival
  • China Art Exhibition
  • World Jingwu Martial Arts Festival
  • Dalian International Fashion Festival
  • Shanghai International Film Festival
  • China International Travel Mart
  • Wuhan International Acrobatics Festival
  • Beijing International Music Festival
  • Shanghai International Art Festival
  • Third Zhuhai International Aviation Show
  • Tianyahaijiao International Wedding Festival in Sanya
  • "Bye, Yesterday; Hi, Tomorrow" Gala Celebrations of the New Century

  • Tourist Festival Marking the Centenary of the Tripitaka Cave
    July 2000 Dunhuang, Gansu Province

  • Embarking on the celebrated Silk Road to feel the inexorable pace of history in a century that has just gone by, and to get lost for a while in the immortality of Dunhuang, Gansu Province - this is what a tour to Dunhuang is all about. A hundred years ago Dunhuang stunned the world with the historic discovery of the Tripitaka Cave among the Mogao Grottoes, bringing to light a veritable treasure house with innumerous cultural and art gems, and bringing about the indescribable sorrow and joy associated with them. A hundred years later today, the centenary of the discovery of the Tripitaka Cave will be celebrated in pomp and pageantry. Major activities include an exhibition of the relics from the cave, a ceremony to inaugurate the cave’s display room, and a variety show entitled "Soul of Dunhuang".

    Fifth International Chorus Festival
    August 2000 Beijing

  • This grand international vocal music event, to be sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of China, will attract chorus delegations from many countries. A galaxy of singing stars will take on the stage to express their good wishes for the new century and world peace.

    Qingdao International Beer Festival
    August 2000 Qingdao, Shandong Province

  • The Tsingtao Beer is famed throughout the world. Once a year beer brewers and lovers arrive in droves for the Qingdao Beer Festi Following a grand opening ceremony, and a gala evening party, merrymakers are invited to sample different kinds of Tsingtao Beer and attend an art float parade. The festival will culminate in the form of a major firework display. During the festival, the air will be filled with the scent of beer, and there is something outlandish about the entire event. A new line of amusement facilities will be plunged into action, bringing the festive atmosphere to a climax. The festival will also give opportunities for first-rate actors and actresses from around the world to show their talent.

    China Art Exhibition
    September 2000 Beijing

  • The China Art Exhibition is by far China's largest and most comprehensive gathering for international exchange and trade in objects of art. On display are paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, arts and crafts and art publications. The forthcoming exhibition will attract artists and art organizations from several dozen countries and regions, including China, France, the United States, Russia and Japan. The event is purported to promote artistic creation, activate the art market, disseminate national art, and boost cultural exchanges between China and other countries.

    World Jingwu Martial Arts Festival
    September 2000 Tianjin

  • The Jingwu Martial Arts Center, founded more than a hundred years ago by Huo Yuanjia, a famed patriotic martial art master of modern China, is still active today. As a matter of fact, it has expanded to more than twenty countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe and North America with members over 200,000. The World Jingwu Martial Arts Festival will be held in September 2000 in Tianjin, Huo Yuanjia's hometown. Martial arts competitions and performances will be held during this grand gathering of martial arts lovers from around the world.

    Dalian International Fashion Festival
    September 2000 Dalian, Liaoning Province

  • The Dalian International Fashion Festival is renowned worldwide for its distinct international style and intense modern aura, massive representation, abundant economic returns, and high-quality and high efficiency organizational work. Taking on its seasonal best look in September, Dalian will once again play host to famous fashion designers and world-class models, and all manner of fashionable garments will be displayed. In the meantime, variety shows will be staged in the open, along with such major activities as an international fashion show, negotiations on garment exports, and a parade of fashion models.

    Shanghai International Film Festival
    October 2000 Shanghai

  • The motion-picture art is an asset shared by mankind. The Shanghai International Film Festival, firstly held in 1993, has, through the untiring efforts of the sponsors, emerged as one of the world's nine major film festivals. In October, filmmakers from several dozen countries and regions will converge in Shanghai and entertain cinema-goers with several hundred films made at home and abroad.

    China International Travel Mart
    October 2000 Shanghai

  • The largest of its kind in Asia, the China International Travel Mart is a grand get-together of tour operators from around the world who come to promote their newest tourist products and swap the latest information about tourism in China and the rest of the world.

    Wuhan International Acrobatics Festival
    October 2000 Wuhan, Hubei Province

  • Sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Hubei Provincial Government, the Wuhan International Acrobatics Festival will become a major event of the international circus and acrobatic circles. During the festival, artists from various countries will entertain the audience with breathtaking performances.

    Beijing International Music Festival
    October 2000 Beijing

  • The Beijing International Music Festival will guarantee to strike the deep chord of the audience when it takes place in autumn in the Chinese capital. Famous musicians from a dozen countries and regions will gather in Beijing to present all manner of high-class entertainment that runs the gamut from opera to folk music and from chamber music to orchestras.

    Shanghai International Art Festival
    November 2000 Shanghai

  • Sponsored jointly by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the Shanghai Municipal Government, the Shanghai International Art Festival will attract outstanding artists coming from around the world in search of ways to promote cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

    Third Zhuhai International Aviation Show
    November 2000 Zhuhai, Guangdong Province

  • As a site of international aviation show, Zhuhai has made a name for itself in the international aviation circles. The Zhuhai International Aviation Show sets the stage for the exhibition of high-tech products, and for scientific and technological transactions and exchanges. It is also instrumental for foreign aviation factories and investors seeking the Chinese market. The world's major aviation equipment makers will participate the show, which also attracts large crowds of spectators who come to marvel at the new and high technology with which mankind conquers the sky. Flight demonstrations performed by the world's finest aircraft pilots never fail to draw aahs and oohs from the spectators.

    Tianyahaijiao International Wedding Festival in Sanya
    December 25 - 27, 2000 Sanya, Hainan Province

  • Tianyahaijiao (meaning the end of the earth and the remotest comer of the ocean) is the name of a famed scenic resort in Sanya, Hainan Province. "I'll follow you wherever you may go even if you go to the end of the earth and the remotest comer of the ocean; the seas may run dry and the rocks may crumble, but our hearts will always remain loyal" -- these are favorite lines lovers in China love to quote to show faithfulness to each other. A total of 2,000 couples of newlyweds will take part in the International Wedding Festival to be held in pageant in Sanya, Hainan Province. The romance of weddings will be enhanced as the newlyweds are entertained with a good variety of holidaymaking activities.

    "Bye, Yesterday; Hi, Tomorrow" Gala Celebrations of the New Century
    December 31, 2000 Beijing and some other cities in China

  • To greet the new century and the new millennium, massive celebrations will take place in Beijing and other parts of the country.


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