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Year 2000 Events

  • "New Millennium China 2000"
  • Celebrating the New Millennium at Mount Taishan and the Inaugural Ceremony for "New Millennium China 2000"
  • The China Century Altar
  • Global Family - Lantern Riddle Guessing Party for Chinese Living in every Part of the World
  • China Ice and Snow Festival
  • Tree Planting for the "Century Forest"
  • Round-the-Island Bicycle Race in Hainan
  • 2000 World Art Exhibition at the Great Wall of China
  • Shanghai Greets New Century with a Relay Race
  • Month of Chinese Cuisine
  • International Dragon Boat Championship Rally
  • Yangtze River Tourist Carnival
  • World Islands Festival, Hainan Province
  • Tourist Festival Marking the Centenary of the Tripitaka Cave
  • Fifth International Chorus Festival
  • Qingdao International Beer Festival
  • China Art Exhibition
  • World Jingwu Martial Arts Festival
  • Dalian International Fashion Festival
  • Shanghai International Film Festival
  • China International Travel Mart
  • Wuhan International Acrobatics Festival
  • Beijing International Music Festival
  • Shanghai International Art Festival
  • Third Zhuhai International Aviation Show
  • Tianyahaijiao International Wedding Festival in Sanya
  • "Bye, Yesterday; Hi, Tomorrow" Gala Celebrations of the New Century

  • "New Millennium China 2000"
    opening ceremony and celebration activities

    Evening of December 31, 1999 - January 1, 2000
    Beijing and ten other Chinese cities

  • Celebrations begin on the night of December 3 1, 1999. Beijing will be the center stage for the festivities, which will also take place in major cities in east, west, south, north and central China, namely Shanghai, Xian, Tai'an (Shandong Province), Guangzhou, Zhenjiang (Jiangsu Province), Chengdu, Harbin, Urumqi, Zhengzhou, Sanya (Hainan Province). These activities will be televised nationwide, and become part of a global television program to showcase the Chinese civilization, through which the Chinese people will share joy with the rest of the world in greeting the arrival of the new century. At the same time, the China National Tourism Administration will hold a grand ceremony to inaugurate the "New Millennium China 2000" program. A series of landmark structures are built construction in these cities to mark the beginning of the new millennium.

    Celebrating the New Millennium at Mount
    Taishan and the Inaugural Ceremony for "New Millennium China 2000"

    December 31, 1999 -January 1, 2000
    Tai'an, Shandong Province

  • Mount Taishan, the foremost of the five holy mountains of China, is a world natural and cultural heritage place and a symbol of Oriental civilization with great historical and cultural value. A Millennium Park will be built there to mark the beginning of the new century, and a gala evening party will be held for the lighting of the "Millennium Holy Fire". Ten thousand people will climb up Mount Taishan to marvel at the sunrise and greet the first rays of the new century. Mount Taishan is one of the venues to inaugurate "New Millennium China 2000"


    The China Century Altar

  • The China Century Altar erected in Beijing is a major memorial landmark in China to greet the year 2000. It covers 415 hectare with a total floorspace of 30,000 square metres. The centrepiece of the altar, 81 metres in diameter and 27 metres in height, consists of a circular corridor and a revolving top with a 45-metre-high pointer protruding from it. An ingenious integration of traditional culture and modern art, the China Century Altar is a breath-taking attraction, which displays the harmonious blending of the arts of architecture, horticulture, sculpture and murals.

    Global Family - Lantern Riddle Guessing Party for Chinese Living in every Part of the World
    February 19, 2000
    Beijing and other places in China

  • The Global Family - Award - winning Lantern Riddle Guessing party for people All over the world will take place in the evening of the Lantern Festival which falls on the fifteenth of the first lunar month of the Year of the Dragon. The event will be televised worldwide and is sponsored by CCTV in cooperation with other radio and television stations. As the famous line goes, "A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near." The event will provide an excellent opportunity for people from all over the world to come together and share a pleasant moment of friendship by guessing- riddles and celebrating the Lantern Festival.


    China Ice and Snow Festival
    January - February 2000 Heilongjiang and Jilin Provinces

  • "North country scene: A hundred leagues locked in ice, a thousand leagues of whirling snow. "Distinctive winter sports are winning the favour of more and more travelers to China. Heilongjiang and Jilin are ideal destinations for winter sports lovers, for both provinces abound in ice and snow. A number of world-class winter sports facilities have been built in Yabuli of Heilongjiang and Beidahu in Changchun City of Jilin Province, so that visitors can go for a unique experience. A good variety of activities and competition, such as ice and snow sculpture shows, skiing, skating and ice boating, will take place there.


    Tree Planting for the "Century Forest"
    March 12,2000 Beijing and Henan Province

  • To plant trees and build forests to make the world a better place to live in has been the rallying call for the Chinese people nowadays. During the China Tree Plant Festival, which falls on March 12, the entire nation turns out to plant trees. As mankind marches into the new century and celebrates the arrival of the new millennium, the Beijing World Forest Park and the shores of the Yellow River in Henan Province will be venues for large-scale tree-planting activities. The "Century Tree" and the "Millennium Tree" will be planted, and the "Monument to the New Millennium" will be erected beside the Yellow River.

    Round-the-Island Bicycle Race in Hainan
    April, 2000 Hainan Province

  • "Boundless are the charms of the landscape of Hainan, where the smells of coconuts and the ocean, mingling in the gentle breeze, never fail to captivate the visitors." The Round-the-Island Bicycle Race in Hainan is an ideal occasion for you to visit the island. Outstanding bicycling athletes from many countries will take part in this weeklong international tournament, which will be televised by CCTV. Winners will be awarded free tours to scenic spots that have been inscribed on the World Heritages List in China.


    2000 World Art Exhibition at the Great Wall of China
    May 8 -June 18, 2000 The Great Wall at Mutianyu, Beijing

  • The world-famous Great Wall will greet the beginning of the 21st century by inviting 200 outstanding artists from a hundred or so countries for a grand gathering at its Mutianyu Section, Beijing. While mounting the Great Wall each of them will produce painting, calligraphic work, sculpture or any other form of folk art which Should be as long as 10 metres. The advent of the new century, and world peace and development will be the themes. All the artists' works will combine to form an immense three-kilometre-long work where east art meets west art to match the grandeur of the Great Wall. This gigantic work of art will definitely go down in history as man's most spectacular creation in the first spring of the 21st century.

    Shanghai Greets New Century with a Relay Race
    May 2000, Shanghai

  • Participants in this relay race will be people in their sixties and older as well as children no older than 15, to symbolize the undying process in which human life is sustained by the young replacing the old.


    Month of Chinese Cuisine
    June 2000, Four -and Five-star hotels and famous
    restaurants all over China

  • Month of Chinese Cuisine is designed to publicize Chinese culinary art with its time honored history, state-of-the-art techniques, and exacting requirements for the color, taste and shape of each dish cooked and the way it is presented. During this month no effort will be spared to publicize the art of the Chinese cuisine, and please the palate of all those who care to patronize designated hotels and restaurants. Patrons are entitled to price discounts, and lotteries will be held among them so that the lucky ones are awarded with free tours of major scenic resorts listed as world heritage places.

    International Dragon Boat Championship Rally
    June 2000 Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Yueyang (Hunan Province), Sheyang (Jiangsu Province)

  • The dragon boat race is a folk sport with a long history. The International Dragon Boat Championship Rally is sponsored by the China Dragon Boat Association. The 2000 Rally, which will take place in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Leiluo River (Hunan Province and Shiyang (Jiangsu Province), will attract dragon boat lovers from China and other countries.

    Yangtze River Tourist Carnival
    July 2000 Wuhan, Hubei Province

  • Based on the history of the Yangtze River and dragon-associated Chinese culture, the Yangtze River Tourist Carnival is designed to showcase the river's past, present and future. The event will take place in the form of a "Grand Cruise on the River", including a major parade in which all kinds of vessels will be shown in a chronological order. Luxury boats are available to take visitors on a tour of the fascinating and breath-taking scenery of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. Visitor will be impressed Undoubtedly by the immortal civilization associated with the river.

    World Islands Festival, Hainan Province
    July 2000 Hainan

  • Hainan is known in the world as the second largest island of China. Richly endowed with tourist resources, the island is an ideal destination for holiday makers and conference participants alike. On the occasion of the Fourth Symposium on Island Sightseeing Policies, delegations from twenty or so countries and regions will participate in the World Islands Festival to be held on the Hainan Island. A tourist exhibition, folklore performances, an arts and crafts fair, and a festival to promote traditional cuisine will be A held in time for the festival. While feasting their eyes on a southern Chinese landscape beautified by coconut trees and the sunning sea, visitors can also learn something about the folklore of the local Yi people.


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