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    After a millennium of changes in time and space, the human race is poised on the threshold of the year 2000. On this glorious occasion the National Tourism Administration of the People's Republic of China is proud to announce a new tourist program: "New Millennium China 2000".
    "New Millennium China 2000" will provide an excellent opportunity to recollect and sum up the series of annual tour programs that have been successfully organized in recent years under the aegis of the China National Tourism Administration, and continue to promote travel routes designed to amuse and amaze our visitors.
    "New Millennium China 2000" will follow mankind into the new century and demonstrate China's 5,000-year-old civilization, which is strewn with world-calibre natural and cultural heritage places.
   "New Millennium China 2000" will give full consideration to China's rich and varied tourist resources and present a whole package of tourist plans that guarantee to cover every nook and comer of the country.
    New time and space will be unveiled with the dawning of the new century. It is only appropriate for the vast land of China to be the destination for those who aspire to make fascinating travels in time for the beginning of the new century.


  • "New Millennium China 2000"
  • Celebrating the New Millennium at Mount Taishan and the Inaugural Ceremony for "New Millennium China 2000"
  • The China Century Altar


  • Global Family - Lantern Riddle Guessing Party for Chinese Living in every Part of the World
  • China Ice and Snow Festival


  • Tree Planting for the "Century Forest"


  • Round-the-Island Bicycle Race in Hainan


  • 2000 World Art Exhibition at the Great Wall of China
  • Shanghai Greets New Century with a Relay Race


  • Month of Chinese Cuisine
  • International Dragon Boat Championship Rally


  • Yangtze River Tourist Carnival
  • World Islands Festival, Hainan Province
  • Tourist Festival Marking the Centenary of the Tripitaka Cave
  • August

  • Fifth International Chorus Festival
  • Qingdao International Beer Festival


  • China Art Exhibition
  • World Jingwu Martial Arts Festival
  • Dalian International Fashion Festival


  • Shanghai International Film Festival
  • China International Travel Mart
  • Wuhan International Acrobatics Festival
  • Beijing International Music Festival


  • Shanghai International Art Festival
  • Third Zhuhai International Aviation Show


  • Tianyahaijiao International Wedding Festival in Sanya
  • "Bye, Yesterday; Hi, Tomorrow" Gala Celebrations of the New Century

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