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Changzhou City

Located in southern Jiangsu Province, it is a well known cultural city and a rising industrial city in areas south of the Changjiang River. There are many places of scenic beauty and historic interest. The betterknown are the Tianning Temple, RedPlun Pavilion, Su Dongpo's Inkslab Washing Stone, the Yizhou Pavilion Park, and the ruins of Yancheng.

The Tianning TempleThe Tianning Temple
Located on Jiefang Road in the city of Changzhou, the temple was built 1,350 years ago during the reign of Emperor Yonghui of the Tang Dynasty. Originally, the temple featured 33 halls and 24 pavilions and towers erected in an area of nine hectares. There still stand the Mahavira, Buddha's Warrior, Samantabhadra, Manjusri Guanyin and Arhat halls. The majestic Mahavira Hall, built during the Qing Dynasty, is 33 meters tall anc 27 meters from the entrance to the back wall.

Situated seven kilometers south of the Changzhou proper, it is the oldest and bestpreserved castle in China today consisting of the outer and inner cities, and an extension and surrounded by three moats. The circumference of the outer city is 2.5 kilometers, that of the inner city, 1 .5 kilometers, and that of the extension, half a kilometer. A great wealth of historical relics were unearthed.

Boqi (Dustpan-Shaped) Lane by the ancient Grand CanalYichou Pavilion Park
It is in Gongyuan Lane on Jiefang Road of Changzhou, by the ancient Grand Canal. Su Dongpo a renowned man of letters of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), visited Changzhou 11 Times. People built Yizhou Pavilion in commemoration of Su on the spot where he tied his boat on his Changzhou tours. The place has been expanded into a park that features historical sites of the Song and Qing regimes, including the Imperial Tablet Pavilion.

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