Getting Serious About Amusement pursuits
Disneyland, Chinese style? It's true! Disneyland has Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs and animatronics, "Beijingland" has Monkey King, aquatic elves and animatronics, plus real life. Two amusement parks and another which could be classed as a theme park, one of them within the city limits and the other two a short ride away, make up the pursuit of diversion venues.

Beijing Amusement Park One admission gets all

With over 300,000 square meters of island and mainland and another 100,000 square meters of water, this is a fun place for all ages, with a ticket providing an all-day, your choice access to 22 of the latest, technologically-advanced rides, including a 62-meter high Big Wheel Ferris wheel, a loop-and-twist roller coaster and The Flume water drop. The old arcade games, the new electronics games, live entertainment and a wide choice of foods and beverages are all along The Midway. If your feet say it's time to relax or take a stroll, you can do it. If a paddle on the lake is your cup of Chinese tea, the boats await. Special evening entertainment is included at no extra charge.

Nine Dragons Amusement Park Face to face with the Undersea World

See the Dragon King! Identify with the Dragon Maidens! Laugh at the antics of the aquatic elves! It's all at the Nine Dragons amusement Park. Located in the newly developed tourism area close to the real life Ming tombs north of Beijing, this is Disneyland with Chinese characteristics. It's also the world's first amusement park where Disney-invented animatronic figures act out the story of the Dragon Palace, a magical place at the bottom of the sea, in a real-life underwater cave.
For a change of peace, try the Nine Dragons Aquarium, the home of 10,000 species of water creature, some of them rare. There's the Illusion Exploration Theater, a computer-controlled show whose size and special effects surround the audience above and on all sides!

Shijingshan Amusement Park

Located in an easily-accessed western suburb, the 26.7-hectare Shijingshan Amusement Park combines a European style design, the idyllic rusticity of a country park and 40 various and different features for all-round fun and games. Dominated by a yellow-brick gothic-style Magic Castle usually inhabited by the beautiful princesses and handsome princes of Europe's well-loved Grim's Fairy Tales, and a Fairy Talk Walk, the park goes Nineteen Nineties with a variety of mechanical features.

Since its late 1980s opening, the park has attracted more than 10 million visitors, most of whom have greatly enjoyed the 1992-completed, largest-in-China Racecar City, whose four circuits occupy a total area of 10.7 hectares, almost half the park. There are five different vehicle types, with the longest circuit measuring over 1,200 meters. The park also boasts a series of water feature - Aqua World, Water World and the Splash! Wave pool-and a trip inside a "submarine" within the not - too deep Deep Sea.

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