Miniatures and Wax Figures

Conservative thought its entertainment scene may be by some world standards, Beijing keeps on trying to bring its people and the city's visitors more and different ways of being entertained. Opened up in just the last while are the following.

Beijing World Park

Asia's largest world of miniatures, the Beijing World Park takes the visitor on a tour of the great architectural masterpieces of China, Asia and another 50 countries in the world beyond their shores. Here, the ultra-modern Sydney Opera House views for the attention with a six-tiered Chinese pagoda, and the Great Wall with san Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Definitely for those who like their world wrapped up in one day!

Beijing Ming Dynasty Waxworks palace

Palace-like in its appearance, this US $17.5-million Sino-Belgian development celebrates the grand artistic achievements of the Ming Dynasty, the "golden age" of the arts in all of China's long history. Within its 190,000-square meter area is China's greatest waxworks museum, with 26 dioramas and displays representing the best works of artisans, performers and builders in the 276 years when 16 emperors reigned amid an artistic splendor that has never been equaled. The latest in lighting, audio and video systems help make each impression a lasting one.

Old Beijing miniature Landscapes

Look-down-upon miniaturized vistas are all the rage around the world, and Beijing is no exception. The Old Beijing Miniature landscapes attraction at Chanping shows how building elements of the capital, some long gone, looked when they existed in real. Large-scale and stage performances help recreate the atmosphere of yesteryear and shops let you take a piece of Old Beijing home.

Chinese Ethnic Culture Park

Although dominated by the Han people, China is a nation of minorities - 55 at last count. This park exhibits, in a single package, the elements that the Chinese minority peoples bring to the mix that is this great nation. It celebrates architecture through a wide variety of representative "villages," culture streets, permanent exhibitions and the performing arts, augmented by a food center, shopping concourse and - in case you always wanted to sing along with a goat herder - a karaoke lounge. Helped along by some of the latest audio and lighting systems and air-conditioning, the park presents festive occasions that help maintain each ethic group identity. Wedding ceremonies, song and dance

performances, sports competitions and other activities are regularly organized to impart to the watching crowds the flavor and sound of these many disparate peoples.

CCTV Tower

Second tallest of its Kind in Asia, the Central China Television's radio and television transmission tower on Xisanhuan Zhouglu provides visitors with spectacular, long-distance views of Beijing from 238 meters above ground level. Coffee shop service is available and a restaurant offers both views and a good nosh!

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