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Selected Hebei- Beijing- Tianjin Tourist Routes

  • A Tour of Chengde
    A Route: Beijing (Tianjin)/Chengde Imperial Summer Resort
    Scenic spots and projects: the Summer Resort. imperial temples, Great Wall at Jinshanling, Bangchuieng Scenic Area, imperial banquets, dances and music of the Qing Dynasty, Manchu songs and dances, Light of Putuo and Puyou Buddhist Light Performance.
    B Route: Beijing (Tianjin)/Chengde/Weichang Forest and Grassland Ecological Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: the Summer Resort, imperial temples, Great Wall at Jinshanling, Saihanba National Forest Park, imperial hunting ground, riding horses, shooting arrows, bonfire evening parties, Manchu songs and dances, barbecue, ecological survey, and nature-protection activities.
    C Route: Beijing (Tianjin)/Fengning Grassland Custom Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: No. l Jingle Grassland, riding horses and shooting arrows in grassland, bonfire evening parties, the Manchu songs and dances, barbecue, Ancient White Cloud Cave, and the Nine-Dragon Pine Tree.
    D Route: Beijing (Tianjin)/Chengde/winter skiing in Weichang
    Scenic spots and projects: the Summer Resort, Outer Eight Temples, Saihanba Skiing Ground, International Hunting Ground. shooting range, barbecue, riding motorcycles in the snowcovered land, sledges drawn by dogs, and bonfire evening parties.
  • A Tour of Qinhuangdao
    Beijing (Tianjin, Shenyang)/Qinhuangdao Seaside Series Tour
    A Route: The Great Wall Cultural Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: the site where the Great Wall empties into the sea, No.] Pass Under Heaven, Great Wall at Jiaoshan, Great Wall at Jiumenkou, Meng Jiangnu Garden, Great Wall Museum, the site where Emperor In Sin Huang went to the sea to seek longevity, Emperor Qin's s Palace.
    B Route: The Rent and Holiday Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: Seaside at Baidaihe, the Nandailue Resort, swimming in the sea, yachts, water playground, fishing and the marine world.
    C Route: The Sports and Health-Building Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: climbing up the Great Wall, sand surfing, three contests for small iron men. playing volleyball on sandy beaches, sailing boats on the sea, and the crossing the sea competition.
    D Route: The Convalescent and Health-Protection Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: sanatoriums and health recovery centers, qigong treatment, massage by famous doctors, study of martial arts and taijiquan, diagnosis by superfunctions.
    E Route: The Natural Scenery Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: The Longevity Hill Scenic Area, Wild Animal Zoo, Mount Zu Scenic Area, Lotus Peak Mountain Scenic Area, Mount Jieshi Scenic Area, Laoling Scenic Area, Golden Seacoast, and Tianma Lake.
    F Route: The Folk Customs Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: The collection arts of Fanbo Cultural City. Old Dragon's Head, Sea Tour, Shanhaiguan Pass Great Wall Festival, Meng Jiangmu Garden Fair, and Ascending-the-Height Festival on the Double Ninth Festival.
    G Route: The Seaside Bird-Observation Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: Seaside at Beidaihe, Mount Lianpeng, Changli Golden Coasts, Qinglong, Laoling and other important birds reserves of China, 68 kinds of rare animals and more than 20 varieties of rare birds under the world and state protection.
    H Route: The Summer Camp Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: Survey of the Great Wall culture, scientific survey activities, healthbuilding sports, camping and having get-together.
  • A Tour of Baoding
    A Route: Beijing (Tianjin)/Banding Traditional Health-Care Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: mass physical exercises, Qigong, Taijiquan, martial arts, health-building balls, kicking-the-shuttlecock performance, the martial arts centers, the Qigong Hospital, visiting the families with aged people, Old People's University, sports kindergartens, governor's residence, lotus pond, An'guo Medicine Market, King Medicine Temple, and herbal medicine botanical garden, in addition to medicinal drink and food.
    B Route: Beijing (Tianjin)/Banding Ancient Culture Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: the Military Governor's Mansion, Ancient Lotus Pond, Han tombs in Mancheng, Western tombs of the Qing Dynasty in Yixian County, China Sun and Moon City, ruins of the capital of the state of Yan, and performance by the Manchu people.
    C Route: Beijing (Tianjin)/Banding Urban and Rural Folk Custom Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: Baiyangdian Jisiding Recreational City in Xiongxian County, Baiyangdian Water Scenery of Auxin, Baigou Trade Market, and Quyang Stone Carving City.
    D Route: Beijing (Tianjin)/Zhuozhou Three-Kingdom Culture and Film and TV Culture Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: Sanyigong-Liu Bei's hometown, Zhang Fei's hometown, Zhang Fei Well, the 10,000-mu Sworn Brothers'Peach Forest, the Han and Tang architecture in the Zhuozhou Film and TV City, Tongque Terrace, the film and TV shooting site, the Jingnan and Jingdu golf courses, tasting the Three-Kingdom banquet.
    E Route: Beijing I Tianjin)/Laishui/Laiyuan Holiday and Sightseeing Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: the Miao, Bat and Dai villages at Yeshanpo, folk songs and dances, the bonfire evening part,. Bailixia Scenic Area, Baicaoban Scenic Area. the I0-Waterfall Gorge of Liangcheng. Immortal Gorge, White Stone Mountain, scenery of folk villages.
  • A Tour of Shijiazhuang
    A Route: Beijing (Tianjin, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou)/Shijiazhuang Buddhist Culture Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: Longxing Temple of Zhengding, Linji Temple. Bolin Temple of Zhaoxian County, the China Buddhism Research Institute, Baoduzhai and the 500-Arhat Hall of Huolu, Fooling Temple in Cangyan Mountain in Jingling, Diying Temple in the suburbs of Shijiazhuang, Pilu Temple, academic exchanges. Buddhist activities, the Great Water and Land Pray Assembly.
    B Route: Beijing (Tianjin, Taiyuan)/Shijiazhuang Mount Taihang Scenic Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: Baoduzhai, Cangyan Mountain, Panlong Lake, Zhangshi Rock, Wuyuezhai, Mount Tiangui, the revolutionary sacred place at Xibaipo, appreciating the beautiful scenery in four seasons, getting some idea of local customs, etc.
    C Route: Beijing (Tianjin, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou)/Shijiazhuang City Shopping Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: Xinhua Free Market, Nansantiao SmaIICommodifes Market, the Clothing Market in the Youth Street. Xinji Leather Products Market, Beiguo Shopping Center, and Dongfang Shopping Center.
  • A Tour of Handan
    A Route: Beijing (Tianjin, Zhengzhou)/Handan Ancient City Cultural Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: the site of Zhao capital, Congtai Terrace in Wuling, the ruins of Yecheng and the three terraces of the state of Wei during the Three Kingdoms period, the ruins of Cizhou kilns. Xiangtangshan Grottoes, the cave of the legendary immortal LU Dongbin, and Wahuang Palace.
    B Route: Beijing (Tianjin, Zhengzhou)/Handan
    Scenic spots and projects: Guangfu Ancient City-home to theYang- and Wu-type Taijiquan, the old home of Yang Luchan, the old home of Wu Yunang, Taijiquan and Martial Arts Research Institute, China Yongnian Taijiquan Union, Taiji cultural exchange, and Taijiquan discussions and competitions.
  • A Tour of Cangzhou
    A Route: Beijing (Tianjin, Jinan)/Cangzhou/Wuqiao Martial Arts and Acrobatics Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: Cangzhou Martial Arts Academy, Martial Arts Hall, iron lions, Mengcun Village Bajiquan International Training Center, Wuqiao Acrobatics World, Animals World, acrobatics schools, villages and households, the acrobatic banquet, Chinese and foreign acrobatic cultural exchanges.
    B Route: Beijing (Tianjin, Jinan)/Cangzhou/Mengcun Village Moslem Customs Tour Scenic spots and projects: Beida Masque, the Moslem market, school, food company, services, economic exchanges and wedding ceremonies, and visiting Moslem families and martial arts halls.
  • A Tour of Zhangjiakou
    A Route: Beijing ITianjin)/Zhuolu Three-Ancestors' Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: China's Three Ancestors Hall, the ruins of Huangdi City, Yellow Emperor Spring, Chiyou Village, the ruins of the ancient battlefields of Yan Di. Huang Di and Chiyou, and offering sacrifices to ancestors.
    B Route: Beijing ITianjin)/Bashang Grassland Holiday Tour in Zhangjiakou
    Scenic spots and projects: the Great Wall at Dajingmen, Zhongdu Grassland in Zhangbei, Jinlianchuan Grassland in Guyuan, the grassland holiday resort, riding horses, shooting arrows, hunting, barbecue, bonfire evening party, the local song and dance get-together, ecological survey and protection activities.
    C Route: Beijing (Tianjin)/Zhangjiakou/Congli Winter Skiing Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: the Great Wall at Dajingmen, Saibei Skiing Ground, Cuiyun Mountain Skiing Holiday Resort, the 10.000-meter skiing paths of various grades, specialized skiing paths, specialized skiing equipment, domestic skiing cables, many grounds for practicing, many nationallevel coaches. specialized skiing performance, barbecue, bonfire evening parties, setting off firecrackers. sled, drawn by horses, going hunting in the snow-covered mountains, etc.
  • A Tour of the "No. l City Under Heaven"
    Beijing (Tianjin)/Xianghe No.l City Cultural and Recreational Tour
    Scenic spots and projects: architectural groups modeled after the buildings in the capital of the wing and Qing dynasties, Yuanmingyuan Scenic Area. Qianmen Commercial Street, High-Tech Recreational Zone, the ceremony for welcoming guests, folk songs and dances. operas and quyi, acrobatics and magic, fashion shows, shopping, tasting delicious food, moving films, hot balloons, ancient and modern songs and dances, traditional tea ceremonies, etc.
  • A Tour of the Great Wall
    Beijing (Tianjin) Chengde/Zunhua/Qinhuangdao Great Wall Tour on Foot or by Bike
    Scenic spots and projects: the Great Wall at Badaling, Mutianyu. Jinshanling, Huangyaguan. Luowenyu, Jiaoshan, Jiumenkou, Shanhaiguan Pass, and the Old Dragon's Head where the Great Wall empties into the sea, the Great Wall Museum, Meng Jimgnu Temple, the Great Wall Cultural Survey. the Great Wall Evening Get-Together, the Great Wall Summer Camp, the Great Wall Climbing Competition, the Great Wall Bike (Motorcycle, or Jeep) Tour, adventures along the Great Wall, folk customs at the foot of the Great Wall, displaying the Great Wall Culture, the award-issuing ceremom at the end of the Great Wall, etc.
  • A Tour of the Golden Triangle
    Beijing (Tianjin)/Chcngde/Tangshan/Sightseeing in Qinhuangdao Scenic spots and projects: the Summer Resort, imperial temples, the Great Wall at Jinshanling, the Eastern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty, the Great Wall at Huangyaguan, the ruins of earthquake. the pottery and porcelain arts and crafts factory, the Steam Engine Manufacturing Factory, the Great Wall at the Old Dragon's Head, Shanhaiguan Pass and Jiaoshan. the Wanbo Cultural City, the sand surfing ground, the Wildlife Zoo and Marine World.

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