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Southern Guangxi Tourist Area

Nanning CityNanning

Situated in southern Guangxi by west, the city of Nanning, capital of the Guangxi Z h u a n g Autonomous Region, has a history of 1,600 years. There are such tourist spots as the Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area, the Yiling Crag Scenic Area, and Fenghuang (Phoenix) Lake; Guangxi Museum, the Guangxi Folk Customs Center, Guangxi Square for Nationalities, and the Cultural Palace for Nationalities in the city proper; and paintings on the face of cliffs on Floral Hill in Ningming, the Friendship Pass in Pingxiang, the Lesser Liancheng Castle, Detian Waterfall on the border between China and Viet Nam in Daxin, and the Longhu (Dragon and Tiger) Mountain Nature Reserve.

The Longhu Mountain Nature ReserveLonghu (Dragon and Tiger) Mountain Nature Reserve

Lying to the south of the Long'an County seat, 80 kilometers from Nanning, the 300-hectare nature reserve has 30 rocky peaks, 14 ridges, 17 gullies, and ten karst depressions. It has a forest cover of 97.2 percent. There is an altogether different world, with green hills, blue waters, karst caves, and stone forests. The visitor can climb the rocky hills, drift on the waters or venture into the depth of the forests.

The Longgang State Nature Reserve

It stretches for 8,000 hectares in northeast Longzhou County. Listed under protection are the ecosystem, the natural resources, and the white-headed leaf monkey. More than 300-year-old trees are growing in the strangely-shaped hills, and the nature reserve is a treasure house of sub-tropical plants in China. There is an enchanting landscape and a cool climate, ideal for tourists.

Cliff Paintings on Floral Hill

The pictures are to be found on the pyramidshaped Floral Hill towering on the eastern bank of the Mingjiang River, 25 kilometers from the Ningming County seat. The paintings, mostly brownish red in color, are left by the ancestors of the Zhuang ethnic tribe in ancient times. They are grand in scale, vivid, and vigorous in the execution of the bold lines.

Most of the paintings describe the daily life of the Zhuang tribe.

The Friendship Pass

Erected between two hills on the eastern section of the border between China and Viet Nam in southwest Guangxi, the Friendship Pass is 18 kilometers from the city of Pingxiang. It is one of China's nine famous passes and has been the gateway to southern China since ancient times. The imposing pass has three stories and stands 22 meters tall. Fort barbettes are built on the hills at the flanks.

The Detian Waterfall

The Detian WaterfallLocated on the upper reaches of the Guichun River in Daxin County, a border river between China and Viet Nam, it flows more than 50 meters down a cliff, bringing along with it thunderous roars and splashes of water in all directions. It is cited as "the No. 1 transnational waterfall in Asia."

Beihai City

Lying in southern Guangxi, the city of Beihai presents a sub-tropical landscape. The Beihai Silvery Beach, a holiday resort, has white, fine, soft sand; clear sea water; and complete tourist ',, facilities. Weizhou Islet is called "the fabled abode of immortals in southern China." There are also a mangrove forest -- a State marine nature reserve, the beautiful Xingdao Lake, and Pearl Town in Bailong.

The Beihai Silvery Beach State Tourist Resort

The Silvery Beach in Beihai City is called "the No. 1 beach in China" with a vast stretch of fine, smooth sand, unpolluted sea water, plenty of sunshine, and fresh air. Built on the 100-hectare tourist resort are villas, a beach sportsground, and a pseudo-classic architectural complex.

The Beihai Silvery Beach State Tourist ResortWeizhou Islet

It is 36 nautical miles to the southeast of Beihai. Weizhou and Xieyang islets are separated from each other by sea for nine nautical miles and known as the Greater and Lesser Fabled Abodes of Immortals. The beaches are good for swimming and the islets feature marine abrasion rocks of fantastic shapes.

The Mangrove Forest Nature Reserve

Also called a submarine forest, it is on the western shore of Yingluo Port in Hepu County. When the tide is at ebb at Yingluo Port, a dense growth of mangrove trees that are eight meters tall each appear. When the tide comes in, the trees are submerged under water, and boats can sail over the tree tops. It is a new tourist center.

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