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Guangdong cuisine

Guangdong cuisine, one of the four famous cuisine in China, consists of three parts, Guangzhou Chaozhou, and Dongjiang, among which Guangzhou dishes is the most representative. High up'

on the menu are such Guangzhou dishes as the roast piglet, the dragon and tiger fighting against each other, and the dragon tiger phoenix snake soup. Representative dishes of the Chaozhou cuisine are the roast goose, the chicken with thick broad bean sauce, and the mandarin duck crabs. Representative Dongjiang dishes include the fermented bean curd, and the eight-treasure duck. Guangdong cuisine uses a great variety of ingredients and emphasizes freshness and tenderness.

Guangdong leads China in the variety of pastries, featured by great variety of ingredients, meticulously made, sweet and salty, and freshness. Representative Guangdong pastries include the shrimp dumplings, steamed dumplings, and glutinous rice with chicken.

The morning tea in Guangdong is very popular and special, which usually lasts for hours. People enjoy delicious pastries while chanting with their friends or colleagues.


  • Guangzhou Restaurant Add.: 2 Wenchang Rd. S., Guangdong Tel: (020)81888388
  • Banxi Restaurant Add.: 151 Longjin Rd. W., Guangzhou Tel: (020)81889318
  • Beiyuan Restaurant Add.: 202 Xiabei Rd., Guangzhou Tel: (020)83562466
  • Nanyuan Restaurant Add.: 142 Qianjin Rd., Henan, Guangzhou Tel: (020)84449979
  • Dasanyuan Restaurant Add.: 260Changdi Rd., Guangzhou Tel: (020)81883277
  • Taotaoju Restaurant Add.: 20 Dishifu Rd., Guangzhou Tel: (020)81885769
  • Huhn Restaurant Add.: Zhongshan Rd. 5th, Guangzhou Tel: (020)83349104

  • Guangdong Travel and Tours Guide

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