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Fu Xi TempleTianshui was the main stopping point on the Silk Road from Van to Lanzhou. Its history dates back further than this. However, a number of sources cites on the banks of the Wei River were the "cradle "of Chinese civilization.This region has been inhabited since Neolithic time, excavated relics has a history of 8120 years, maybe it was the heart of the prehistory China.

Fuxi, the earliest Chinese ancestor was born here. Its strategic significance was not lost either. A stop here is highly recommended for the excursion to Maijishan Grottoes, Immortals' Cliff, FuXi Temple, Jade Spring Taoist Palace, Curtain Cave Grottoes, Giant Buddha Hill, etc.

FuXi is one of China's three mythical ancestors. FuXi Temple was originally constructed in the Ming Dynasty. The statue of FuXi inside is the only one existing in China. Among other things he is credited with the creation of the Eight Diagrams on the ceiling, which represents mathematical permutations and ultimate order.Maijishan Grotoes

Maiji Grotoes o1 Tianshui is a Top-heavy Wheat Stack Peak peppered with Carvings, alcoves and caves. The setting is extraordinarily impressive in the Maijishan national Natural Scenery Zone. There are 194 well-preserved Buddhist caves with 7200 stone sculptures and 1300 sq. in of murals inside, dating back to the 4th century and as late as the 17th, and the caves are linked by a high-rise walkway.

Immortals' Cliff boasts three cliffs, six temples, 196 Buddha and 83 sq. m of murals. The setting really is lovely. Do visit this place by climbing the long flights of steps. Make it fun for the superb views from the top. Climbing is well worth doing.

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