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Whilte Pagoda ParkLanzhou, the capital of Gansu, is a large modern city as the political, economical and cultural centre of the province. The city covers about 13086 sq. km. with a population of around 2.8 million, half of which live in the urban area.

Lanzhou takes the heart position of China and owes a reputation of The City Of Melon and Fruits to its semiarid temperature climate. Local peach, water melon, honey dew melon and melon seeds are all well known.

Lanzhou was an important strategic town on the ancient Silk Road, and is now a key link on the present Eurasia Bridge. It is the standard Yellow River crossing point and owns its historical significance due to its geographical position. The spectacular scenery and relics around Lanzhou include the statue of Yellow River Mother, Water Wheel Park, Zhongshan Iron Bridge and White Pagoda Park dotted along the Yellow River. Gansu Provincial Museum, Five Spring Park, Mt. Xinglong and Mt. Tulugou, etc. Which make Lanzhou well worth a stop.

Lanzhou is a major transport terminal of Ganzu. Over 20 flights are opened to major cities from Zhongehuan Airport, some 70 km from the town. There are 92 passenger trains extend daily to all directions from Lanzhou Railway Station and back and also good highways link the neighbouring parts. Lanzhou today is a key tourist city with complete infrastructure, many star-rated hotels and tour operators. Water Wheel

Zhongshan Iron Bridge, located at the middle part of Riverside Road, is at the foot of White Pagoda Park. It is the earliest bridge on the Yellow River, first built in 1372 and rebuilt in 1909. But 5 steel archways were added in 1954 for reinforcing the bridge.

Five Spring Park, in the south side of the city proper of Lanzhou, is at the north foot of Gaolan Mountain. This Park, bustling with visitors and activities, is famous for springs on the hillside which :merged from a legend of 2000 years ago. Today, it's a lovely place to go while away an afternoon, its buildings are intricate and there is a large Buddhist temple in the centre.

White Pagoda Park, laid out across a steep hillside, is small and fairly attractive, famous for a white pagoda of Yuan Dynasty on the top. There is a fine view of Yellow River snaking its way in Lanzhou from the top.

Xinglong Mountain, Yuzhong County LanzhouXinglong Mountain, situated in Yuzhong county, some 56 km southeast of Lanzhou, is a forest park of provincial level. There is a stream sandwiched in between two peaks, and Yunlong arch bridge is spectacular. The coffin of the founder Genghis Khan of Yuan Dynasty has once been buried here, which made the mountain famous since the past.

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