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Jiuquan, or wine spring, is lacated in the western part of Hexi corridor. Legend has it that during the Western Han. Emperor Wu Di sent general Hurl Qubing ajar of wine to reward his victory over the I Hun. However, Hurl poured the wine into the Gold Spring and shared with all his soldiers. hence the name of this town.

Jiuquan ParkMeanwhile, the local luminous jade cup for drinking is also well l-known from then on. Due to its strategic position and historical significance, there are many attractive relics in Jiuquan such as Bell and Drum Tower, Jiuquan Park and Jiuquan Arts and Crafts Plants for producing the jade cups.

Jiuquan Park has a history of ever 2000 years, famous for an old spring and its interesting story. The clear spring water flows northward into a lake which has a landscaped island in the center, a stone bridge crossing and willows weeping around it, which make the park a worth visit spot.

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