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The Fujian cuisine, is known for its meticulous ingredient selection, fine cutting, and fresh taste. The local cooks are good at preparing seafood, and the dishes they cook are tender, tasteful but not oily and look elegant. The Fujian cuisine can be further divided into three styles, but all the three styles are more or less the same in the following aspects:

  1. The ingredients are exquisitely cut. These can be proved by such dishes as Fried Litchi-Shaped Pork, Shredded Bamboo Shoots with Minced Chicken, and Stewed Sliced Conch with Fermented Glutinous Rice. The pork is cut into the shape of litchi, the bamboo shreds are as fine as hair, and the conch is sliced into the thinnest pieces.
  2. Most of the dishes appear in soup. These include Sea Clam in Chicken Broth, Pork Tripe in Minced Meat Stock, Fish Lips in Clear Soup, and Glossy Ganoderma with Jade Cicada.
  3. The dishes are prepared with special seasonings, such as Sweet and Sour Pork in Bamboo Section and Wine Pickled Chicken.
  4. The dishes are prepared with fine workmanship. Buddha Jumps over the Wall and Xi Shi-Style Pork Tongue are examples.

  • Fujian Province Travel and Tours Guide

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