China's National Forest Parks
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The Mt. Tianmu Nature Reserve

The Mt. Tianmu Nature Reserve is situated in Lin'an County, Zhejiang Pravince and is 90 kilomelers from Hangzhou. It cocers an area of 42.84 kilometers. Mt.Tianmu is composed of two peaks. The eastern peak is called Daxin Crown and rises 1,478 meters above sea level. The western peak is called Xianren Crown and stands 1,506 meters above sea level. Each peak is topped by an alpine lake. The two lakes resemble the eyes of man looking to the heavens. For this reason it is called Tianmu Mountain "Tian" means sky and "mu" means eyes.

Mt. Tianmu has a long history and is famous for its majestic peaks, fantastic rocks, quiet valleys and clean springs, and is praised as a majestic mountain in the area south of theYangtze Rever. The reservvc has four streams, five pools, six caves, seven crooks, eight terraces, nine lakes, 12 cliffs, 27 rocks and 28 peaks.

Mt. Tianmu is known as a natural botanical garden, forest park and kingdom of giant trees. It is rich in flora, providing a unique forest view and plant world. It Is praised as a rare species gene pool. Thc plant file on the mountain is ancient, tall, massive, rare, numerous, and beautiful.

Ancient: It has plants left over from the paleozoic Era, such as wild ginkgo trees considered living fossils.

Tall: It boasts the tallest pine in the country, 56 meters tall. Numerous others are cover 40 meters tall.

Massive: It has rare huge cryptomeria trees, 19 having a diameter ofl more than two meters and 398 having a diameter of more than one meter.

Rare: Many plants are under state protection. Among these 12 species are under class-two state protection and 23 species are under class-three state protection, accounting for 65 percent of those under production in the province.

Numerous: There are 2,160 species of plants of 246 families. Some 1,200 of these are of medicinal value.

Beautiful: Various klnds of trees produce a magnificent picture and undulated peaks are beautiful year round.

Rich flora rcsources and a nice natural environment provide good conditions for the growth and generation of various kinds of animals. It boasts 14 types of animals, 19 species of birds and three types of insects under state protection.

Mt. Tianmu is also a religious mountain. Legend has it that this mountain was the birthplace of the Buddhist monk Zhang Taoling and the Linchi Sect of Buddhism.

The construction of the reservc has been quickened in recent years. Hotels, guest houses, sanitariums, and transportation and communications facilities have been built.

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