China's National Forest Parks
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Wanlu Lake Holiday and Tourism Scenic Area

Six kilometers to the northwest of Heyuan City, Wanlu Lake is another name for the Xinfeng River Reservoir, one of the four major reservoirs in China. The lake holds about 13.9 billion cubic meters of water, with the quality of the water reaching the standard of national first-class potable water. In recent years, the rich ecological resources of the reservoir have been used to develop tourism.

The scenic area is rich in natural resources. Wanlu Lake itself covers an area of 370 square kilometers and contains more than 6.5 billion cubic meters of water. More than 360 islets are scattered over the lake. About 90 percent of the mountain areas around the lake are forested. Near the lake there are two waterfalls, one 60 meters high and the other 90 meters high. In the zone there is a national forest park and a provincial -level nature reserve, which is home to 147 species of rare animals, such as red deer, civet cats, pangolins, otters, woodpeckers, ling-tailed magpies and white cuckoos.

While making use of the rich resources of Wanlu Lake, the local government and travel services have always paid great attention to environmental protection by formulating detailed and strict measures, such as closing the areas around the lake in order to facilitate afforestation, and constructing scenic and tourism forests. Large-scale tourism projects that may result in pollution are avoided. They have made a "green promise" to society- "we have a predestined relationship with Wanlu Lake, and we are friends of nature and the protectors of Wanlu Lake"

In addition, they make all of their tourist guides envoys of environmental protection. After a guide accepts a tourist group, he or she will carry an environmental bag on his or her back, bearing the words " Be kind to nature and please give your garbage to me". Meanwhile, the guide will give a copy of an environmental protection handbook to each tourist. Their actions of loving nature, treasuring the environment and protecting the source of life set good examples to make each tourist into an "environmental protection envoy".

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