China's National Forest Parks
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Mount Shangfang National Forest Park

Located in Fangshan District, southwest of Beijing, Mount Shangfang is located about 70 kilometers from the nalional capital, and boasts of high mountains, weirdly-shaped peaks, dense forests, deep and quiet caves and ancient temples.

It is famous for its nine caves, 12 peaks and 72 thatched huts. Thanks to its elegant environment, beautiful scenery and flesh air, tourists in past ages said, "Mount Shangbang in North China can match the famous cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou in the south".

Among its famous scenic spots are Fahan Ridge, Cloud Ladder, Doushuai Temple, Scripture Pavilion, Manjusri Temple, Yidouquan Hut, Heavenly Pillar Peak and Cloud and Water Cave. The towering ancient trees-cypress, pine, ginkgo and Chinese scholartree-add glory to the mountain.

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