China's National Forest Parks
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Mount Xiqiao National Forest Park

Located southwest of Nanhai City, Mount Xiqiao, an ancient volcano, occupies an area of 14 square kilometers. Its natural scenery consists of peaks, caves, springs, streams, waterfalls and famous ancient trees. The discovery of Neolithic stone tools here led to the identification of the Mount Xiqiao Culture. With a crisscross network of roads, the park has good transportation facilities. Tourists may reach the mountain by bus, car or cableway.

Among the numerous caves in the area, Biyu (jade) Cave is the most awe-inspiring; White Cloud Cave, the most beautiful; Yeming Cave, the deepest; and Pengyu Rock, the most strenuous. In addition, tourist may go boating on Heavenly Lake and East Lake.

About 82 percent of Mount Xiqiao are covered in forest, with about 100 species of trees. The most famous are the square bamboo and silver fir trees. The mountain is just like a medicinal ware-house, as more than 2,000 species of Chinese medicinal herbs grow there. Cloud and Fog Tea, and fingered citrons are famous local products.

Scholars and officials of past ages have left many historical sites on the mountain, such as the Cloud and Spring Immortal Hall, White Cloud Temple, Kuiguang Tower, Yuzu temple, and a number of building s and Cliffside inscriptions of the ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. In addition, there is the Nanhai Municipal Museum and Sanhu Academy of Classical Learning, where the Qing reformer Kang Youwei once studied.

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