China's National Forest Parks
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Mount White Cloud National Forest Park

Located in the virgin forest area in the south of Songxian County, Henan Province, the Mount White Cloud Forest Park has an area of more than 40,000 mu.

There are a number of elegant peaks surrounded by white clouds here, among which 37 peaks are 1,500 meters above sea level. The jade Emperor Summit, the main peak of Mount Funiu and the highest spot in Henan Province with an elevation of 2,211.6 meters, is the source of mountain springs that flows into the Baihe and Yihe rivers and then to the Yangtze, Yellow and Huaihe rivers. With the geographical features of the transition from the warm temperate zone to the sub-tropical zone, Mount White Cloud presents the scenery of both Southern and Northern China. It is home of nearly 2,000 species of plants, such as Cercidiphyllaceae, Taxus chinensis and pine trees, and more than 400 ginkgo trees that dale from the Tang Dynasty (618-907). In addition, there are over 10,000 mu of forests in the virgin state. When you enter the forest, you will find the trees dense, wisteria twining around big trees and flowers everywhere. There are 204 species of rare animals, such as leopards, storks and musk deer. Thirty waterfalls are formed with a drop of 1,000 meters, and the Nine Dragon Waterfall is as high as 100 meters. The water forms a while fog as it falls.

In the virgin forest stands a high and steep peak. At the summit and on the bright, clean cliffs erect pine trees. This is known as the Lesser Huangshan Mountain. On one side there is Drum Cave hidden among ancient tall trees. The cave is 18 meters high, 17 meters wide and 34 meters deep. In the cave there is a pond where the water is only one foot deep.

However it is very mysterious that it never overflows and never dries up. Other attractions about the park include the General's Hat, Immortal Turtle Facing the Sun, Lotus Precipice, Dragon Pine Cliff, No. l Ball on Earth and King Yu's Temple.

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