China's National Forest Parks
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Liuxi River National Forest Park

Located north of Conghua City and 93 kilometers from Guangzhou, the Liuxi River National Forest Park has a total area of 8,831 hectares, of which 7,310 hectarcs are covered by forests and 1,466 hectarcs by water.

As a natural tourist attraction mainly consisting of lakes and hills, it is an ecological park, integrating natural scenery, historical sites, forest ecocnviromment and convalescent functions twcnly-two jadcite islands are scattered over the lake, hence the name the jadcilc Archipelago. In the southeast of the park six mountains rise 1,000 meters above sea level, of which hzhen Peak is the highest, with an elevation of 1,146.7 meters.

The park boasts a large number of scenic spots, such as the Nanshan Waterfalls, Three Ancient Pine Trees, Five Finger Peaks, Slccping heauty, Lesser lijrang River, Yuxi Lake, Shuilong Ilillock, Sunrise at jvhcrt, Immortal Ox Playing in the Water, Man Faced Rack and Cattle at Dusk in addition, there are many historical sites such as the Liuxi River Dam and Zhishui Pavilion on Renshan Hill Other sights arc the Rainbows over the Liuxi River, Rare and rndangered species liotanieal Garden, Mountain Spring Bathing Spot nn rive-finger Hill, Monkey Island, Fishing Terrace, Red Leaves by the Liuxi River, Forest Bathing Spot and Sino Japanese Friendship Forest. The park is charming all the year round In spring flowers are in full bloom, in summer the pack is cool; in autumn the layers upon layers of forests are Colorful and in winter the park is a world of snow.

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