China's National Forest Parks
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Hailar National Forest Park

Located in the west of Hailar City in Hulun Buir League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,the Hailar National Forest Park is a famous scenic spot in China. Dating back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-19110, it was listed as one of the eight famous scenic spots in Hulun Buir for its ancient pine trees on the sandy land. With an area of 210,000 mu, it is the only national forest park in China with Mongolian scotch pine trees as the mainstay.

The Mongolian scotch pine tree, or the Hailar Pine tree, is a variety of the Japanese red pine in Europe and one of the rare conifer species. Known as the "green queen," the pine tree os tall, thick, and drought and xold-resistant. It is a high appreciation value in terms of its existing characteristics and its biological form. Except for the pine forests, the Western Mountains National Forest Park grows more than 160 species of wild plants , which fall into 120 genera and 41 families, mainly including Middle East Popular trees, European bird cherry , Siberian crabapple, etc, its wildlife is mainly composed of birds, with more than 60 species, which can be divided into 24 families and 15 catalogs, such as Mongolian larks, woodpeckers and hoopoes.

As soon as you enter the Western Mountains, you will find it a sandy mountain, where a small rock can hardly be found and Mongolian scotch pine trees are scattered here and there along with the rising and falling mountains. Climbving up to the sandy peak and taking a distant view, you will see a scene of golden sands and green tres. Under the blue sky and white clouds , ancient pine trees are tall, straight and powerful, with their branches stretching to the sky. Some of them look like a huge umbrella; and young trees are green and luxuriant, full of life. With the combined efforts, ancient and young pine trees, and wild plants firmly grasp the sand dragon. In winter the national forest park is covered by snow, with green pine trees standing proudly in the white world. Doing skiing among the Mongolian scotch pine trees will be very appealing.

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